Why Hire Remote Workers in 2021

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Why Hire Remote Workers in 2021

2020 was a real tough year for everyone, but as the cliche goes, the new year gives us more opportunities to do better. This goes also for both employers and job seekers. Many businesses have closed their doors to job opportunities as the economy took a break and countries quarantined for months. Many things were changed and suddenly remote work is the new trend. Employers began to notice that they are actually saving more and it helped them survive the pandemic. 

As we approach the new normal, some businesses are thinking if this should be a new way and the road to the future. Well, many are adopting this new trend most especially small businesses and growing businesses that have thrived during the pandemic. Now your question must be, is hiring remote workers the new trend in 2021? Why should I hire remote workers?

In this article, we will help you to keep that balancing act of keeping your onsite workers and hiring remote workers. 

So what will be the possible benefits of hiring remote workers?


We all know that the upkeep of having an office space is a big chunk to any company’s operating expenses, hence diminishing onsite workers or letting go of that office space can greatly save you money. With the new normal health protocol, social distancing can be a common practice and until everyone is vaccinated you must provide constant sterilization of your office. Hiring remote workers you can find on free job posting sites can help you greatly. 

Outsourcing Can Be Very Cheap

Let’s say you’re one of the businesses that have thrived during the pandemic, and you do not really need onsite workers, then outsourcing can be the best option for you. Hiring or outsourcing remote workers can be very cheap as well, one of the top locations in the world where you can hire remote workers is the Philippines. The USD to the PHP exchange rate is huge hence, you can hire workers to work for you full-time or part-time for 5 USD per hour and up. 

Less Management

Having workers onsite needs constant checking and managing, however with remote workers you can easily hire someone who has vast experience and can work with minimal supervision. This means less stress for you! Trust me when we say remote workers as just like workers onsite, they can get the job done without you hammering them over and over. 

Always On Time

One of the disadvantages of onsite workers is they tend to be late on the way to work. This happens of course, but with the pandemic, curfews and lockdowns can be very normal and unpredictable, hence this can be a great challenge to onsite workers. However, with remote workers, it can almost be impossible for them to be late. When you can comfortably work anywhere you work, being on time is a must. 

It Is The Future

They say change is the only constant thing in this world, that applies to employment and the workforce as well. Today, more and more are choosing freelance jobs which they can find a lot with remote working. Gone are the days where 8 hours a day is the constant grind, you can have more than one job and earn more with a regular office job. Working remotely is the future and it is a chance you might wanna consider.

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