Uncommon Airport Jobs You Could Have

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Uncommon Airport Jobs You Could Have

You hear the loud engines drawing near, and you can’t help but look up in the sky. You can see an airplane that is about to land in a nearby airport. Don’t you just wonder what it is like to work in an airport?

Airport job opportunities would vary depending on the kind of airport nearby or the country you live in. Though every airport has a standard universal protocol that they need to follow, each one practices a different culture. An airport could also be prioritizing the passenger’s satisfaction. Other airports could focus on tourism. If you start asking how to get a job in the airline industry, then it’s about time to start looking for possible careers in a nearby airport.

Here is a list of airport job opportunities that you can consider just in case being a flight attendant is out of your list of choices. These jobs vary in terms of qualifications. Some positions would require minimal experience, while others need you to be an expert. A few of the jobs would require you to have a college degree while some would just need a two-year vocational program. In rare but possible cases, a year of apprenticeship could just be enough for you to land a job at the airport. So, before you start looking for airport jobs near me hiring, see what positions you could possibly get yourself into.

Aircraft Loadmaster

Earning a median annual salary of $40,000, an aircraft loadmaster mathematically pre-plans the correct placement of passengers and cargo on the aircraft so that it can take off and land safely. In the military load, nesters often fly with the plane so that they can prepare it for the next leg of the journey. Commercial airlines usually hire a similar position called a load planner, but they are not required to fly on the aircraft.

These aircraft loadmasters are in high demand according to a US Air Force loadmaster who says there will always be a need for loadmasters to calculate balance and weight. For every plane that carries cargo, somebody needs to do the math.

Avionics Technician

An avionics technician works with components used for weather radar systems, aircraft navigation and radio communications, and other computers and instruments. They often must solve complicated electrical problems and can often work out hours depending on when their expertise is called upon. Despite this, they are compensated with an excellent median salary of $49,300.

Aircraft Mechanic

Although they do most repairs, many aircraft mechanics specialize in preventative maintenance. Most attendant FAA-approved schools, while some learn the skills on the job, earning a median annual salary of $50,500. Aircraft mechanics are offered the best pay and benefits if they seek employment with the major airline companies’ jobs, which have the most competition.

Aircraft Inspector

Aircraft mechanics with some experience in the field and a positive track can move into the role of an inspector if they are given an aircraft inspector’s authorization. They are often given the best job opportunities, according to BLS, pruning a median salary of $6,600. Airplane inspectors enjoy excellent job security because the FAA requires the work they do. Airlines are mandated to inspect their planes regularly after any maintenance repairs or overhauls.

Air Marshals

They are also called as sky marshals, and the federal government employs them as the guard against attack targeting passengers and crew on the US aircraft.

Becoming an Air Marshal is not for the faint-hearted. It requires an individual who is brave, tough, and level-headed. They are trained in terrorist behavior recognition, handgun accuracy, and learn aircraft specific tactics, and not to mention, quarter’s self-defense measures.

Air marshals are compensated with a median annual salary of $62,100 but often face unique challenges such as working independently without a backup.

Air Traffic Controller

Requiring only an associate’s degree, being an air traffic controller is referred by many as one of the best airport jobs. However, it is a career well-known for causing high-stress levels in requiring a tremendous amount of mental focus. Because of this, work is separated between controllers for ground movement, takeoff en route, flight time, landing, and more.

Despite steep competition in high-stress, air traffic controllers are compensated with an average salary of $62,000, requiring both technical skill and a knack for leading teams.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

A person with this job is a knowledgeable professional who ensures that their teams perform maintenance regularly and according to regulatory guidelines. The manager is also responsible for scheduling a staff of technicians. They also lead much of the hiring and training of their teams. Aircraft maintenance managers are in the median salary of $74,200.

Aerospace Project Engineer

An aerospace project engineer does not only understand the ins and outs of aerospace engineering. They must also have the personal and organizational skills to lead a team through a project.

A project engineer is likely to be involved in managing the budget for staff hiring and training, checking their team’s work, and other relevant administrative tasks. An aerospace project engineer can expect to make, on average, $82,000.

Airline Pilot, Copilot or Flight Engineer

Most pilots used to apply and get their training in the military. However, in recent years, a college degree and training from an FAA-certified flight school has come more common among new hires. Although many jobs pay less, there are other opportunities for pilots besides passenger airline gigs. About 34% of commercial pilots have other tasks such as crop-dusting, testing planes, monitoring traffic, firefighting, and other nontypical functions. Airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers can expect to earn a median annual salary of $117,00

Director of Aerospace Program Management

So, we’re talking about one of the big guys at the airport. A director of aerospace program management can earn well into the six-figure salary or an estimated median annual salary of $151, 000. They typically major in engineering and earn graduate degrees such as in business or an MBA. Directors are involved in negotiating contracts to build aircraft, developing the company’s business strategy, and taking responsibility for the company’s profitability.

So, there you have it. Those are the airport jobs you can have aside from the infamous flight attendant positions. If one of these jobs caught your attention, you could search online for ‘airline companies hiring near me’.

While these jobs are exciting and pay really well, you should also keep in mind that lives are at risk. The safety of every staff and passenger is in your hands. Sure, it can be tough and dangerous at times, but someone has got to do it. And hey, that could be you.

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