Top Virtual Assistant Qualities You Should Look For

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Top Virtual Assistant Qualities You Should Look For

For the past years, the remote working community has grown and it has an empire of its own, as the industry flourished overnight 2020 was a year of the unexpected boom as well. One of the most sought-after remote worker jobs is Virtual Assistance or VA. VA is essentially a remote worker specifically doing admin and other remote tasks that usually you can no longer do on your own as a business owner. 

If you are feeling burned out and having too many tasks that keep you from doing more important things for your growing business then hiring a virtual assistant is the best solution. Virtual assistants are there to assist you or do the heavy lifting for you while you grow your business. Many startups are hiring VAs to do admin and other simple jobs by the hour, it does not need to be an 8-hour job for them, many of them you can hire to do tasks for 3 to 4 hours which can be very cost-efficient.

But before you dive into job sites and job boards online, you must know what are the qualities you should look for a virtual assistant. On this page, we shall narrow down the best qualities your VA should have. 


This might be a cliche but of course, nothing beats an experienced VA. Sure, they might cost higher than VAs with less experience but, you hiring a VA means you need someone who can work with less supervision. The whole point of hiring a remote worker is for him or her to unload unnecessary work. Experienced VAs are reliable and you can always look forward to them getting the job done in a jiffy. 

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills is a quality any employee must have, remote or onsite, being able to have good communication

skills is a great advantage. The challenge with remote work is you can only check with them online or whenever you can check them online, a good VA has the initiative to communicate all progress of the tasks you have given and communicates any problem he or she may encounter during work hours. VAs should work hand in hand with you to make the tasks workable. 


Given that VA’s should work with less supervision, proactiveness is a quality you must look for. When you hire VA’s, set a good expectation that they should be proactive in implementing things that can make their job easier, after all most tasks done by VAs are very routine tasks that you do not have time to get done. Amazing VAs are good problem solvers, hence proactiveness is a must.

Trustworthy and Honest

Remote work challenges are inevitable, you might consider the monitoring part a red flag however with any type of work set up, being trustworthy and honest is a quality you should look for a VA. If most of the time you can monitor every move or progress they make, these qualities should embody your future VA. With remote work, long-term relationships can be built and both you and the VA you will hire should build trust and honesty to maintain a good professional relationship. 


VAs possess the quality of being able to do more than one task or perform other tasks that you will assign to them, hence multitasking is one quality you must look for. Keep an eye out for VAs who can do calls, data profiling, email marketing, and basic lead generation, as these tasks can benefit your business. Being able to do more than one task in a span of short hours is a great investment for your business, plus this can be a sign for long-term professional relationship.

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