Top Paying Work From Home Jobs

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Top Paying Work From Home Jobs

Businesses across the globe had been forced to shut down due to coronavirus as they transitioned to work from home set up and forced to practice social distancing. This event brought the world to a halt and in a matter of hours created a rise and demand for remote workers. Time magazine even dubbed this event “the largest work from home experiment”. Decades ago, work from home or WFH is not really something most workers do not want to have as a career. Before, being able to work in an office is sort of a social status, taking pride into nice offices and companies, but as this pandemic shifted almost everything in a 360 degree point of view, so did working. 

Overnight, workers and employers alike discovered the benefits and advantages of WFH set up. Workers mostly discovered amazing freelance jobs that paid well. The market and competition for remote work is very high and slowly everyone has been hooked and considering this a lifetime career. 

It is important as a worker today to earn, as the economy became tough so as to find work that pays well. Thankfully these remote jobs are here to help us earn money and earn it safely:


Virtual Assistants

VA or Virtual Assistants are probably the top of the food chain remote work, as they are very in demand today. Especially when the world closed its doors to onsite working, VA’s became the go to for remote jobs to be done online. Companies whose tasks can be done remotely have resorted to hiring VAs to do administrative tasks plus they can support multiple clients. Being a virtual assistant also means you can work part time or full time and this job really pays well. A part time VA on an average earns $26,000 a year.

Medical Transcriptionist

Being a medical transcriptionist requires minimal tools. What you essentially do is just listen and transcribe medical records on a computer or laptop. You can basically work anytime anywhere with this job. You can earn around $16 per hour and if you want to earn more you can easily pull off a full time job on this one and make more than $34,000 a year. 


Content Writing

Many of today’s workers are very good with content writing. This job is in demand remotely as of course all you need is your computer and your ability to write topics from source keywords. Content writing is a high paying job as you can often charge per article or per word. Depending on your experience and number of articles you can write in a day, you can earn S1,500 for every finished piece or $150 per article. Of course the number of words would range between 750 to 3000 which depends on the type of topics. 

Data Entry

Probably one of the most simple and of course high earning part time jobs online is Data Entry. What exactly is data entry? Well it’s as simple as entering specific data into the spreadsheet to track shipments, or document cash in flow and cash out flow and more. You do not need to analyze the data you are gathering but your main job is to organize them and follow a certain template. You can earn $33,000 a year for doing simple data entry. 

Call Center Representative

The Philippines is famous for having large contact centers and mainly one of the largest providers of outsourced workers. Call center representatives are spread across the globe and this most definitely is one of ways to earn more remotely. Being a call center representative means customer service or sales, you can take calls or do the calling. Take this job and have the opportunity to earn $35,000 a year.


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