Top 6 Work from Home Jobs with the Best Benefits

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Top 6 Work from Home Jobs with the Best Benefits

It is every employee’s dream to be well taken care of by the company they’re in. That means having proper compensation, excellent benefits, and, possibly, a retirement plan. Aside from that, employees should be happy with their workload as well as the environment they’re in. It may sound too good to be true, but there are actually companies that offer jobs with the best satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll show you six work from home jobs with the best benefits and where you can go to find these jobs.


So, the first one is a company called Buffer. If you go to, that’s their main website, and that is where they offer social media marketing automation all in a software as a service. It is basically an online tool and app that lets you schedule social media posts and manage multiple social media accounts all in one place.

If you want to go to the jobs section, it’s kind of hard to find. Instead, you can just go straight to the website, and they are a company that has a pretty much fully virtual team of employees. Everybody who works for Buffer works from home or somewhere else around the world.

They are a worldwide company by the way. You can work in just about any country as long as you get your work done and that you are productive. But as far as their benefits go, they have some jobs with the best security. They also have a competitive salary. They tell you on the jobs page how much you’ll make. Some of them go over six figures and allow you to work from home. Of course, in a home office set-up, you will get a laptop plus five hundred dollars to set-up your great home office.

Most companies don’t offer that growth mindset funds, so they help you with personal development and things like that. It’s also one of the jobs with the best health insurance. They have the U.S. minimum vacation at least three weeks a year. They have three percent company match 401K profit-sharing retreats, so they have these big company retreats where everybody meets up, and you can see who your coworkers are and spend some time with them on a vacation or family leave.

But as far as checking that, just go to, you’ll see whenever they have jobs available. Also, if you’re a pet owner, they have pictures of their pets all over the website, which is kind of a fun thing that they do for their employees. But Buffer is a really good one.

Carenet Healthcare

Another one is Carenet Healthcare. Obviously, it is a healthcare type of company. If you go to their website and the career section, you can go to perks and benefits. If you want to see what their perks and benefits are, you can go to open positions from there. As far as their benefits go, again very few companies can match this especially for a work from home job company.

So, they have jobs with the best health insurance along with flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs, gym membership reimbursement, and free flu shots. They also have, of course, 401K plans holiday pay, paid time off, financial planning services, and long-term disability insurance.

Employees are enjoying great compensation with competitive wages, performance bonuses, overtime, and holiday pay. You can enjoy all that kind of stuff, and then you have recognition programs. They also have things to help you further your education and further your skills. So, Carenet Healthcare is a really good one. If you want to see their jobs, you can just go to the careers tab and click open positions right there. Then, what you want to do when you get to that page is to go to the company location and then click virtual work from home so they’ll have different ones at different times. They have various areas for work-from-home jobs.

Doc Symmetry

Another company that has excellent benefits is a company called Doc Symmetry, which is kind of a way for healthcare professionals to communicate and, you know, meet each other online.

It’s kind of like a healthcare professional version of LinkedIn or something. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s like a networking website for healthcare professionals. So, in Doc’s in MIDI, if you go to careers, you can see all kinds of work from home jobs available.

This is just an example. They are looking for an Android software engineer, for instance, and then you can see they’ll have some of the benefits and perks in a given work from home job page like unlimited discretionary, time off, comprehensive benefits including medical, vision, dental stuff, and pre-IPO stock incentives. The work here says you can work from home on Wednesdays, but this particular job is probably more remote all the time if it says remote in the actual location.

If you’re someone who usually works on-site, they have a ton of different really good benefits available as well. Just so you know, they have recognition for career development, offsite perks, on-site advantages, work from home Wednesdays, and many more.

If you go to see open positions, you can see what they have available at any given time, and you’ll notice that they have a lot of work from home jobs available. Usually, it’ll say remote right next to the post, and you’ll see that they have like a dozen different work-from-home jobs available right now.


Another company is Github, and they are a developer website people who build software. They have a big community of people who code things like that. If you go to and scroll down to the bottom, you can find their careers page by going under the company section where it says careers. Then you’ll notice that they’ll tell you a lot of different things about some of their benefits and work from home perks.

Another very good set of benefits is that they pay you back for a gym membership and the costs of the books and courses you had to help you learn. You get a brand new Kindle on your first day to help you with reading and furthering your education on your own.

You have, obviously, your main stuff like health coverage, medical, dental, and vision. You can also invest in your future. Github is another company that works around the world, so keep that in mind as well. If you are not from the US, you could still apply for them and get a lot of these benefits and everything.


Also, another work from home job website that has really good benefits that you won’t find in most places is a company called Automattic.

They are behind WordPress, and they are behind a lot of the main plug-ins for WordPress like WooCommerce, jetpack, and those types of things. So, they have a lot of coding jobs. They’ll have some work from home customer service jobs which they call happiness engineers and positions like those are available pretty often. So, if you want to work on websites and with those types of perks, this would be a really good company to look for because they have great benefits.

Go to and visit Work with Us tab up there in the top right. That’ll take you to the page where you can check all the benefits. You can see it’s a rapidly growing company with their different projects. They have an open vacation policy with no set number of days per year, home office set-up, and co-working allowances so you can get money for your home office, which is really rare.

They happily provide or reimburse hardware or software you need, books, conferences, and other things for learning as well. They also have company-sponsored life insurance. They offer open parental leave where your leave is fully paid if you’ve been with them for 12 months. You can get a WordPress-branded laptop on your fourth anniversary and pay two to three-month sabbaticals every five years. They also cover all costs of company travel so dust off that passport. Automattic has a lot of different travel options there and then.

The benefits are country-specific and include health, vision, and dental. Automattic is also one of the few companies that offer jobs with the best pensions. They also have childcare vouchers, income protection, tri-travel insurance, and discount offers. So, all of that stuff could be your benefit.

In Automattic, these are the jobs that are available most of the time. You have analytic jobs, different engineering jobs, which of course they mean the coding type of jobs, the product designer type, the business development and marketing positions, and the happiness engineer who is the customer support.

Help Scout

As far as benefits go, our last but not the least company is called Help Scout. It is a customer support type of company that helps you and your company get assistance without you having to hire a bunch of people yourself.

You can scroll down to the bottom to find their careers page. Under the company, click Careers. Help Scout is another one where you can do your work from anywhere in the world, much like Buffer. You pretty much have a huge virtual workforce and, of course, they are mostly customer service companies.

Their benefits include a competitive salary, dental coverage for you and your family, paid parental leave including adoption, 401K with one percent match, personal development, IT developments, tip end transparency, transparency with financials and metrics, flexible vacation with the people who bring out your best, and disability and life insurance.

Again, what really sets a lot of these companies apart is the fact that you get benefits like getting money back for gym memberships and they give you free stuff. You are given free Kindle books. Some of them give you a laptop, and a lot of them provide you with something related to reading and furthering your education.

A lot of them throw in a lot more than just the regular insurance and 401k benefits that you might get at another good company. So, if you want to see company reviews before you apply for any of these, Glassdoor is one of the best websites to check. Go under Company Reviews and click whatever the name of the company is.

Say, Buffer as an example with 17 reviews. They have a 4.5 out of a five-star rating. If you go to Indeed, you can check Github, for example, and they have a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. So, these companies are going to be very highly rated because of how excellent their benefits are. Those are two places to look if you want to see employee reviews and then for the latest work from home jobs as they become available.

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