Top 15 Jobs for Business Majors Today

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Top 15 Jobs for Business Majors Today

Having a business degree means you have a handful of valuable skills that makes you the number one choice for employers. In the corporate world hiring business majors are investments for companies as they can contribute a lot when it comes to financial planning and is great with numbers.

Business majors have various skills which can be an advantage to employers. From a business perspective, most business majors are hired as key personnel to handle or manage strategies in the company. They can also work in teams as they are trained to work on projects with other people.

Valuable Business Major Skills

Generally, business majors can handle business problems and come up with solutions right away as time and resolving problems in a cost-efficient way with long term results is crucial to every business. You can expect critical thinking and analytical skills from them, aside from that there are other skills that you can expect from business majors:

  • Understanding of the business or the organization operates
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • A highly commendable reporting and analytic skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Vast knowledge in data interpretation
  • Understanding of financial data
  • A depth understanding of economic fluctuations 
  • Budget management
  • Creating and knowledgeable in financial statements
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Supervisory and managerial skills

Your skills as a business major plus your experience during internships can be a huge advantage when you are looking for jobs with the best benefits and these top 5 jobs that fit business degree holders like you:

Top Paying Jobs for Business Degrees

Top 10 Jobs For BUSINESS Majors!! (High Paying!)

Social Media Manager

Business majors like you are naturally tech-savvy as your degree requires you to be resourceful and use the latest technology to analyze certain data. As a social media manager, this job requires data traffic management, strategies on how to market contents online through top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. As a social media manager, you will be in charge of managing and enhancing business activity, creating a presence, brand management, and launching various online campaigns. Today, as social media dominates the world wide web there is a high demand for social media managers, and business majors like you would highly be considered.

Business Major Professor

learned in marketing, finance, and management to your future students. With your skills, you can easily transition your lessons into a holistic and instructional approach.

Business Journalist or Reporter

With in-depth knowledge of how the corporate world works, being a business journalist or a business reporter is a very good opportunity. When it comes to the familiarity of business language and jargon is an advantage for you. With your strong written and oral communication skills writing for business, columns will be a breeze. Business reporters and journalists cover financial reports, economic fluctuation, works with the department of finance for annual budget reports, covers stories on the current economic situations, and more. This job can also create a huge network from business owners from small to fortune 500 companies.

Financial Analyst

Business majors are great with numbers, that is why if you love dealing with numbers being a financial analyst is a good fit for you. Financial analysts will handle the company’s financial statements, manage and calculate financial ratios with recommendations to allocate the budget properly. A financial analysts’ post is crucial as their recommendations and reports are the basis of approval to operational and capital expenditure.


An accountant’s job is to help companies to manage and finance their operations. Accountants abide by the standard government regulations to help organizations save expenses, and maximize company profits. Also, their key roles are to audit, tax planning, financial guidance, and consultation. All types of business industries need good accountants as this key position is very important.

Market Research Analyst

Business majors are also in demand in the marketing industry. One of the jobs they can have is a marketing research analyst. This job entails doing market research on certain products or services that consumers would like to buy and if they are willing to pay. They also observe and monitor market trends, collect data, and feedback from consumers. Marketing research analyst is one of the fastest-growing jobs for business majors and the demand is expected to grow more by 20% in the coming years.

Human Resource Specialist

The human resource field is the most common field where almost all majors can have an entry-level job, and business majors like you can easily slide into a human resource specialist. The job description and responsibilities can be quite simple from reviewing resumes, conducting initial interviews with applicants, orientation to company guidelines to new hires, and down to get the paper works done when an employee leaves the company.

Account Manager

Being an account manager may require experience, and being a business major can give you an advantage to this job post. An account manager’s role is to oversee the project on the sales side and monitor the team’s performance to bring the project to success. They also bring new clients onboard and build long term relationships with clients. Customer retention and satisfaction is their main role.

Insurance Agent

You have probably seen a lot of job listings looking for insurance agents to represent well-known insurance companies. Business majors like you can ace this type of job as you can easily identify your clients’ needs and offer them insurance policies that can help them prepare for the unexpected emergencies, insurance on healthcare, property, and more.

Sales Manager

Being a business major, being in sales can be natural for you. You can land a sales job and become a sales manager in any type of industry you may choose. Sales manager overall manages a team to hit sales goals, identify markets, monitor sales funnel, and marketing pitches for clients.

Bank Associate

Bank associates are the front liners, they guide clients from the basics to helping clients with their specific bank-related concerns. Business majors are great for this job as you will deal with various types of clients, the regular Joe’s and business owners who make various bank transactions daily.

Loan Officer

Applying loans can be hard for some clients, hence loan officers are there to guide these clients on the basic steps of applying for certain loans. Loan officers also ensure customer satisfaction when assisting clients when they apply for loans such as mortgage which is the most common. Checking credit history, income level, and credit card rating is also part of the job to determine loan approval.

Financial Planner

Business majors deal with numbers and financial planning, hence being a financial planner can be a walk in the park for you. If your passion is helping people or businesses attain their financial goals, then you can aim to be a Certified Financial Planner. Reducing taxes, preparing for retirement, and choosing the right investments are just a few of the things you can offer to your clients as a financial planner.

Fundraising Officer

Fundraising is one way to use that business degree for a good cause. A job like fundraising office or a fundraiser requires marketing to attract donors, events coordination to create fundraising activities, media campaigns to spread awareness, and applying for grants to the chosen charity.

Customer Service Representative

Keeping customers satisfied is a tough job, yet business majors like you can ace this job given your background. Knowing the business can be a breeze for you so assisting customers to their needs and making sure they are satisfied can be a very fulfilling job. Aside from answering their queries, a customer service rep may troubleshoot and resolve issues in a call or onsite.

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