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The Top 30 Best Job Search Websites

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The Top 30 Best Job Search Websites

Today’s job seekers no longer look at the traditional way of looking for job opportunities. Gone are the days that you have to check with the new stand and look at the classified ads thoroughly and harness an interview with anyone interested in taking you on board. Today, with the help of job search websites you can easily key in your address bar what job makes the most money, and get hired with your dream company.

There are a lot of job search sites online that make your job hunting easy and fast. Get hired in a jiff and start right away with your dream job once you have registered and build your profile. The good thing about these job search sites is that you can register for free and you will get notified as soon as you successfully register. But with so many options, what are the best ones that employers use and have the most success rate with hiring? We have simplified that question by ranking the top 5 best job search websites for you. If you are looking for a job right now you might wanna check these sites:


A personal favorite of mine is JobStreet, aside from its user-friendly interface and free registration, this job search site has a lot of useful customization for employees looking for the right employer. JobStreet matches you to a perfect employer based on your preference. Every time you update your JobStreet profile you get a customized alert directly to your email and even your Facebook messenger. You can also view the employer’s salary offer and match every job with your desired salary. Every day you will get new recommendations to apply for a new job if you have not yet found the one. Only the most relevant and jobs you desire will be sent to you and you can also download the app for your android or ios.


If you are a freelancer or working remotely, then Upwork is the job search site for you. Upwork is one of the most reliable job search platforms that ensure clients and freelancers are protected when it comes to contracts, projects, and payments. Upwork is specially made for freelancers around the globe and connects all business sizes from small to independent talents looking for part-time, full-time, and project-based jobs. With every successful project your score increases and so as your rate.


Similar to JobStreet, Indeed almost has the same features but when it comes to jobs posted per 10 seconds, Indeed outranks most of the job search sites. If you are the type that wants more options and you are ready to explore what’s out there, you might wanna try Indeed. Trust me when I say your email is going to be filled with job opportunities from employers across the globe.


From the name of the job board itself, CareerBuilder will surely help you hone your career in no time. This job search site has its longevity to brag and this site is using Google artificial intelligence to assist job seekers like you to get the best matches and career guides to help you through your job hunting journey. This platform is huge and it has good credibility of helping job seekers make a perfect match with their employers.


Dubbed as the Facebook of the business world, Linkedin is not just about InMail marketing but one of the best job boards online. You can access this site through your pc and smartphone. Your Linkedin profile will serve as your resume and most employers look for talents on this site as their profiles and job experiences are updated. You can also create a lot of connections and most recruitment agencies will just message you if you would be interested to take a specific job. It’s very easy and you can also look for job opportunities abroad.

Employers and jobseekers will love, as this site uses blockchain and AI technology to connect job seekers and employers in a fully automated process. Aside from easy job hunting and hiring, allows you to upload your resume and use its profile builder features. It also has a job advice board and of course its job posting board.


If you are a jobseeker on a senior-level or executive experience, then Ladders is the job site for you. Ladders help senior-level professionals and executives to get jobs they desire, specifically for upper management positions or jobs that have annual salaries of $100,000 above.


SimplyHired is a job site that reaches over 24 countries and has over 700,000 job openings from various and unique employers across the globe. This site is great for job seekers and employers alike as it collects all the job listings in the world making increased visibility of job postings for job seekers to find.

Google for Jobs

You may have heard about this job site as this is from our favorite search engine site, Google. Google for Jobs gathers and aggregates all job listings online and navigates just like how you search for things on Google. Google for Jobs makes it all simple for job seekers as it removes the redundant post, making each job posting search unique.


Dice is known for the largest job board site specifically for IT and technology-related job positions, but there are also back-office type job postings that you can find on Dice, such as accountants, admin assistants, copywriters, and more. The site is equipped to help job seekers and you can download the app for you to check jobs on your phone.

Supreme Hiring

While Supreme Hiring isn’t as populated as some of the other platforms, all of the listings are current and up to date. That means when you search for a job, the hiring company posted manually posted their positions, and are actively checking it. The goal is to make a scam free platform to help you find your next dream career.


Aside from SimplyHired, another job site that uses AI to connect businesses of all sizes and job seekers like you is ZipRecruiter. This site is well known and has become one of the largest employment marketplaces online which has mobile, email, and web services. They have partnered with several job boards to intensify job listings for job seekers like you.

Company Websites

Most companies today make use of their website to do recruitment. You can simply go to the company’s website and see their careers page. Usually, fortune 500 companies have huge job openings and opportunities as they are in demand for new talents every day. Going directly to the company website to search for careers can be a great advantage for you, as you can be the first to apply for the post once it has been posted on their careers page.

Unique and Specialized Job Sites

If you are looking for a more niche job site that focuses on certain industries, or the ones that match your skills or unique talents, there are specialized jobs sites that you can go to online and see their latest job listings:


This job site is all about empowering women in the community. Fairygoodboss supports women to be empowered in the workplace and helps them get their dream jobs with a very supportive community.


If you are a job seeker who is looking for a job that satisfies your creative side, then Krop can help you grab those jobs such as art directors, creative writers, web designers, and more. Your profile at Krop will serve as a portfolio for the millions of employers visiting the site.


Lawjobs is one of the best job sites for legal professionals. This site offers job listings for lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries.

Talent Zoo

Talent Zoo is for job seekers interested in the field of advertising, creative, digital marketing, and the new media. This site is very easy to navigate and has great content for job seekers who would like to read blogs from experts and professionals in the field.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is for the home-based job seekers who work in the comfort of their own home. You can easily find remote jobs on this site and get on board asap.


Great news for those who want to make a career out of their cooking skills or culinary arts students, Chef2Chef is a job site that has job listings in the culinary field, such as bakers, bartenders, and even restaurant managers.


College Recruiter helps fresh grads and current students to land entry-level job opportunities. Simply login and register and see numerous employers looking for students for internships and fresh graduates to work with them.

Public Relations Society of America Job Center

For job seekers that are looking for entry to senior-level positions in the field of public relations, communications, and marketing, then, Public Relations Society of America Job Center can help you land a career in your chosen public relations industry.


Idealist is a job site that has job listings for people interested in working at non-profit organizations and charitable work. You can also find volunteer jobs on this site.


If you want to land a job and are excited to work in media, then Mediabistro is the job site for you. This site is for job seekers looking journalists, PR professionals, content writers, and more.


Military veterans who want to join the civilian workforce can look for jobs at RecruitMilitary for military veteran-friendly jobs.


Behance is for aspiring designers and web professionals. Job seekers can post their portfolios for future employers to see and make job hunting easy and fast.

Tweet My Jobs

This site is for job seekers who are tired of filling out profiles and applications on job boards. At Tweet My Jobs, you can simply type your desired job and industry, then choose how you want to receive your job notifications via Twitter, mobile, or email.


You can find federal government jobs directly at USAJobs which is their official website. They have jobs available for entry-level to experienced professionals within the hundreds of organizations and agencies.

Escape the City

Talented 20-something job seekers can go to Escape the City, a job site for people who are not the 9 to 5 type of worker.

37signals Job Board

Since 2006, 37 signals Job Board has provided jobs for programmers, web designers, and iPhone developers. They have connected candidates to companies like Apple, Facebook, and American Express.

Jumpstarting your career may be quite vague for now, but with the help of these online job boards, getting your dream job is one click away. Keep building that profile and keep on responding to the employers that want your skills and talent.

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