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The Pros and Cons of Trade Schools

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The Pros and Cons of Trade Schools

One of the things you should prepare to land a good job is getting into good schools or ivy league colleges. However, preparing financially for college can be quite challenging and your hopes of landing a good job after college might be in jeopardy.

Choosing the right school is important and having the financial capability to do so is also an important thing to consider. Good thing there is a cheaper yet a good option to continue your education and get a job that pays well after.

Trade School vs. College

Getting Into Trade School

The cheaper option to gain skills and be qualified for jobs is getting into trade schools. Trade schools or as you also call it technical schools are very good alternate options for ivy league universities.

What is a Trade School?

A trade school or a technical school is different from your traditional college. Trade schools offer focused training programs for students to prepare them for job opportunities in the skills trade or varieties of skilled jobs. Unlike with your regular college, trade schools offer hands-on training while studying which is an advantage for the student as this can become an actual experience before getting the job. Trade schools are essentially cheap and you can finish your chosen course way faster than the 4 years you will be spending in a traditional college.

Before enrolling in trade schools you might want to consider the pros and cons.


It is cheaper and within your budget. If you are financially struggling and you want to harness good skills, then check out the nearest trades schools in your area.

They offer hands-on training. As mentioned, having hands-on training means the advantage of learning the skills and perfecting it before applying for a desired skill trade job.

You can take short courses and add more. Trade schools offer short courses and if you want to learn more skills, you can always choose other courses that they offer that can make you a jack of all trades.

Skilled workers are valuable. After finishing your course at your chosen trade school, it can open numerous job opportunities for you. Skilled workers are mostly products of trade schools and they are hired all over the world.


Some trade schools are a scam. Before cashing in your money into trade schools, you should be checking if they are legit. If there are some in your area, make sure that those have accreditation and do not offer scam courses. There are trade schools accredited by the government, call or check them online to validate.

There are other options. Trades schools are not just your options, enrolling in community colleges can be of great opportunity, and they are cheaper as well.

Ivy leagues are still a great investment. If you want to aim for more than skill trade jobs, enrolling in the ivy league schools are still worth the investment.

Competition among skilled workers. Competition among skilled workers can be huge as there are already a lot of established skilled workers.

Future Jobs After Trade School

After considering the basic pros and cons of getting into a trade school, these are the jobs that you can get after finish specific courses, you might be familiar with some of the jobs as we also commonly call them “blue-collar jobs” some of these jobs can be turned into a business:

  • Plumber
  • Electric repairman
  • Oil rigger
  • Welder
  • Carpenter
  • Tile and marble setter
  • Painters
  • Crane operators
  • Bakers
  • Dental Hygienist
  • EMT and paramedics
  • Hairdresser, and more.

Investing in your education should always be a priority. You can always choose between cheaper schools or ivy league schools, but always remember you should always go for what you think is best for your future long term.

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