The Dangerous yet High-Paying Jobs of a Bodyguard

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The Dangerous yet High-Paying Jobs of a Bodyguard

The concert has ended, and your job is to get your celebrity home safely. You automatically go to the back door. What you don’t know is that a mass of fans have figured out where your exit is.

They surround you and the star they admire. First, you need to protect this person from being overwhelmed by the adoring fans. Second, there could be a chance that a crazy stalker is skulking somewhere in the melee.

In other cases, someone might have a grudge against this person. Maybe they took offense to a specific tweet and could be seeking revenge. As the bodyguard, you are like a machine. You need to scan everyone around while ushering your star all the way to the car.

In those few seconds, anything could happen, and you better be willing to put yourself in front of a bullet if that’s what it takes. One thing’s for sure. You ought to be getting a nice pay-packet for this kind of job.

But how well are bodyguards really paid? Let’s find more in this article.

Regular Bodyguards

There are some bodyguards that will tell you that their clients aren’t well-known all the time. In some cases, a person will just hire a bodyguard because it makes them look superior or important. It’s basically an esteem thing.

Still, these bodyguards are going to be trained in things like weapons use, crowd control, and martial arts, and they should have an excellent awareness of what’s going on. But if they are new to the job and are hired by someone who wants to show off, they will most likely get around $50 an hour.

There is a company in the USA that a private client could hire a bodyguard. The said client wasn’t even famous or anything, but he wanted some protection at a funeral since there were going to be a lot of emotional people. For a scenario like that, the bodyguard was paid $75 an hour.

Then, there was another case when the Super Bowl was on, and the people working with the NFL were spending a few nights at a resort.

It’s very unlikely that anyone would be in trouble at a resort. Still, two bodyguards were hired. The cost for each bodyguard for that job was $150 an hour. They also had to stay in the resort all day.

Let us also remember that hiring those bodyguards from a company will require a specific cut for the said company. So, not all the money is going to the hired bodyguard.

There was a word we got that if you choose a company that offers cheap rates, you will also get what you pay for. It’s pretty simple commonsense. Still, if you want to show off a little, then a $20 per hour bodyguard will surely work.

Now, let’s check a few of the big-hitters in this profession.

Protecting the President
The people who make sure the safety of the president, as well as the Vice President, previous presidents, their families, and the heads of other countries visiting from certain countries, work for something called the United States Secret Service.

You see them in movies. They appear to be those guys that always seem to be wearing sharp suits and sunglasses. They actually do a lot more than just stand so stiffly at public events and discreetly checking the crowd. Still, that is one part of their job. If you want to get a position like this, you are going to need a lot of training. Since you are protecting a very important person, we don’t need to tell you that your background check must be absolutely clean.

These are a lot of positions for a variety of people, so wages would vary. Let’s just say that you are one of the most trusted agents and are seemingly at the top of your game. You could be earning a yearly salary of $197,300.

The B-List Bodyguard
Imagine that you have been hired by some dude who isn’t exactly on the front cover of the magazines every month. Still, he is an up and comer.

As mentioned, these people do not really need a bodyguard, but in some cases, they do it for all the attention. This B-lister will be paying his bodyguard about $100 an hour. Sometimes, those people want to create a buzz around them even when there is not much of a threat to them.

In other scenarios, there could be someone who has said something on social media, and that has made them worried. There was this guy who had a part in the TV series, “No Ordinary Family” and he shared that he hired a personal bodyguard because someone mentioned to him on social media about something about harming him. It isn’t always worrying about getting mobbed by fans.

Pretty Famous
These people are actually very well-known but may not have to be in the spotlight as much as before. There was this Israeli bodyguard who said he had worked for Ozzie Osborne, the rock legend.

He teamed up with other former bodyguards in the special forces, and they shared about how much they were all paid. The Israeli said none of them were hired by any famous people in showbiz, but pretty damn famous people like Ozzie was an exemption.

After that interview, the guy said that the average wage between them was around $5,000 a month, but he clarified that it was a couple of years ago. It could be more like $10,000 a month nowadays. He also said that if the celebrity was more famous, it is more likely they’d be paid at an average of $30,000 a month.

Bollywood stars
We checked out some of Bollywood’s biggest names. This includes the man who is sometimes called the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. His bodyguard is named Ravi Singh, and that guy, no doubt, gets a lot of cash. For his own protection, the Bollywood star pays him around $350,000 per year.

There was this other bodyguard named Shera, and he was paid in the region of $300,000 per year. He was the guy who took care of Justin Bieber when he had his tour in India.

Pascal Duvier
This man, along with his company, had filed for bankruptcy. However, that was after the woman he was protecting at that time, one Kim Kardashian, was robbed in Paris. With what happened, she sued him for $6.1 million. Of course, the thieves got away and with around $10 million worth of jewelry.

This guy had also been the bodyguard for several famous people, but there is no evidence where we can see what he and his company were actually paid. So, we are going to guess and say that he was paid in the region of $500,000 a year.

50 Cent
This rapper is no stranger to danger, and back in 2009, he said that he spent $20,000 every week on security at home. That included not just bodyguards but all the high-end technology that went with it.

A security staff of 50 Cent’s said the place was so secure that it was similar to a military base. Of course, it is expected that the head of 50 Cent’s security was getting a huge paycheck, but we can’t just pinpoint the exact number.

Now, let’s start talking about the really big hitters.

Billionaire Businessmen
If you’re a person with billions in the bank, you can definitely afford to spend huge amounts on bodyguards. Howard Schultz, the chairman, and CEO of Starbucks has a market value of over $4 billion. Back in 2009, he paid $511,079 for his personal security that year. Those big six-figures sums are not uncommon for billionaires, but there are also more who would spend a lot more for their safety.

Michael Dell
It was about the same time that Schultz was spending big on security that the company we all know as Dell was spending even more to protect their main man, Michael Dell. His around-the-clock bodyguard was earning from the company a whopping $1,164,625 every year.

A lot of people thought this was maybe a little too much, but the company actually released a statement that said, “The board believes that Mr. Dell’s personal safety and security are of vital importance.”

If you think that’s over the top, it’s about to get ridiculous.

Larry Ellison
He is the co-founder of Oracle and is one of the wealthiest people in the world. His fortune has summed up around $70 billion, so he can certainly afford to spend a bit on personal security.

The type of security we’re talking about here is not merely big and buff guys that follow you around in public. Instead, these are experts in making sure security technology is running perfectly in the home.

In 2016 there was a report saying that Ellison was spending $1.6 million per year for his personal security. This was pretty much a similar amount as Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, who was also spending a lot on his personal security.

The problem is that the men and the companies they’re connected with don’t disclose any information about what exactly they are paying for and who they are paying. All we know are the numbers because of company filings. Remember that not all big names spend such large amounts. Even Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, apparently has a security budget that is not that big, which is just $224,000 per year.

Mark Zuckerberg
Well, you knew this name was coming. What we can tell you is that Zucks outspends the rest easily. He has become the face of tech, and there are not too many people who couldn’t recognize him.

There are probably several people out there who bear a grudge against him, too, after believing that Facebook is somehow malign or being given a time-out on his platform. There were filings made by Facebook with the government, which showed that in 2018, there was a massive $7.3 million being spent just on his personal security. This included security at his home and when he leaves the house. This amount works out to be about $20,000 a day to ensure Mr. Zuckerberg remains in one piece.

If you add on travel costs and keeping him secure while he moves around the globe, the number is more like $22 million. We should say this means paying a team of bodyguards, but we imagine each member is still on top of this list. Even his right-hand woman, COO Sheryl Sandberg, has personal security that costs $1.1 million.

With all of that being said, the jobs of a bodyguard can be downright critical and dangerous. The life of another would be at stake — not to mention, important ones. Still, being a bodyguard can be fulfilling both to your whole being and, of course, to your bank accounts.

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