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Social Media Recruitment Strategies 

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Social Media Recruitment Strategies 

In the 21st century, recruitment has evolved from the manual to the digital way. Now, we have this social media recruiting. This is also called social recruiting, wherein employers and hiring managers use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram as a recruitment tool. Considering the number of users of social media, posting a job and hiring potential talents is now easier and faster compared to the usual posting in job listing sites.  

According to research, 8 out of 10 professionals aged 25-35 years old found their current job with the help of social media. The popularity and dynamic growth of social media is the best platform to announce a job opening, improve the brand of your company, and let ordinary people get to know what your company is all about.  

If you are having trouble with how to reach out to the professionals, this could be one of the solutions. In this article, we help you come up with strategies to maximize recruitment in social media. This is to reach as much as many audiences you need and the target professionals for the vacancies in your company.  

Before we start, let us know first the advantages of social media recruitment. The main benefit of using social media is its fast and easy transaction because it is a two-way conversation between the hiring managers and job seekers. Each time there is an inquiry, both parties are immediately notified. In return, replies and answers get in an informal yet friendly way. Given the audience of every public post, social media is the best platform to attract a large pool of candidates. The free flow of information and other features such as the share and forward feature of social media reaches potential candidates in a convenient manner. Social media is both a personal and professional space. As applicants are rushing in your inbox, you can instantly background check them too by just looking at their profiles.  

Here are other advantages of using social media for recruitment:

5 Social Media Recruitment Strategies 


Maximize the recruitment using social media having these strategies in your next posting.  

  1. Create an account for recruiting purposes only. You need to have two official accounts on social media platforms. Create one for the main and official company account and create another one solely for the recruitment process. By this, all inquiries and applications are just in one account and you will save time sorting it. Use the recruiting account in posting job offers and vacancies, interview announcements, and job descriptions. Do not use your personal account for recruitment as our personal accounts do not exactly feature the company and the brand. Post only relevant and related content on recruitment so that your audience will also be focused on. 
  2. Link all your recruitment posts to the official company account. Each time you post a job or any recruitment announcement in your recruitment account, always include the link of the official company account. This is an effective way of recruiting as you connect them immediately to the company. They do not need to open another tab to search for the company. You will also help job seekers or potential investors to know more about the company, its business, and its values. 
  3. Update your official company account with formal and pleasing photos with captions. This catches the attention and stirs the curiosity of the audience and of course of the applicants. Posting recent company events and achievements gives them an overview of what career can the company offer to them and how the company does things. Share photos of team building, celebrations, corporate social responsibility programs, and careers in the company. 
  4. Join the trend like using hashtags and memes. Hashtags boost your post and professionals looking for the same keyword can easily find you. Hashtags are indexes in social media so that users can discover your posts through results in related searches. Make a creative hashtag and include the basic keywords in job searches. 
  5. Boost your post. They are many ways to boost your post on social media. If you don’t have that much time to do some things, you can pay the platform to boost your post. If you have the time, you can boost your post by giving out prizes in exchange for shares and tags or you can partner with celebrities or viral personalities. If you are not fond of these techniques, you can try other ways like publishing articles regularly and linking it to the job offer, conduct surveys, or host a watch party. There are so many things you can do on any social media platform to boost your post. Just explore and give it a try. 

By now I am sure you are creating your company and recruitment accounts on different social media platforms. This is only the start and you should maintain it. Now that recruiting and even working is really different from the conventional and traditional schemes, your company has no choice but to join the trend. Social media accounts are free unless you want to activate other features to boost and increase the reach of each post. However, if you are still starting to explore all the free options on the platform.  

One of the secrets to maintaining a good account is to be consistent and prompt in posting and responding. Regularly update posts and if possible interact in the comment section. Check your messages and increase your response rate. Always be ready with all the details regarding the job postings. You need to do this because people nowadays have a short attention span and patience. Once ignored, they search again for another one. Hence, once you capture their attention, you need to take care of them to create a continuous engagement. If you realized, social recruiting is the modern networking because it is convenient and digital.  


Start using these tips in social media recruitment and start establishing authentic professional relationships. Take the chance to meet your potential and qualified professionals not just locally but internationally. Make sure all your posts are professional and engage only in positive and professional conversations. Social media is a wide platform where anything can be done so never fell for the traps.  

Lastly, use social media responsibly. Be sensitive to current issues and always remain neutral and adhere to the image of the company. Remember social media accounts are personal but you should establish that you are bringing the name and face of the company. Hence, share only the extent that is needed for the recruitment.  

Recruitment is not looking for talents but it is also advertisement, watch this video to know why: 


Written by Ariane Negishi

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