Simple Ways to Motivate your Employees 

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Simple Ways to Motivate your Employees 

Motivation is a powerful abstract. It is your compelling force that initiates and maintains your goal-oriented mindset. This is the best driving force to perform well and achieve goals. When a person has the good motivation, he excels in what he does and he makes everything possible.  

In a company, keeping employees motivated is important because motivation is a proven key to success. Hence, finding a way to keep your employees motivated is indeed a good investment. Motivated employees are more productive and efficient compared to other employees who are just working for the sake of having a job. Moreover, a company with motivated employees makes a positive and engaging working environment.  

There are many ways to keep your employees motivated in their individual jobs and as an employee in the company. Sometimes, the management needs to make a bold move and spend a little to make employees happy. 

As you read along, we are going to share the different ways to make and keep your employees motivated. As a whole, motivation is a hundred small things keep and balanced in the company, such as leadership, professionalism, relationships, and goals.  

There are many ways to choose from as long as an employer and a leader you commit to your goal which is to bring out the best in your employees by motivating them. In motivating employees, take not every employee has a different motivation. What is given to others might not be effective to the other. That is why knowing well your employees is important. From the moment you know what motivates your employees, you can start developing tactics and combining ways to motivate the group as a whole. 

Do you know that motivation is a science, watch this video:

Maintain transparency in the workplace 

Transparency makes employees feel important because they know what is happening in the company. As an employer, all employees are part of the team. Hence, every employee should be aware of the company roadmap which is consists of the vision and plans of the company from time to time. Maintaining transparency in the workplace means recognizing the role of the employees. By this, they will feel valued and important, they will be motivated to do well in their post as they know that their hard work contributes to the large-scale success of the company. Working as if you are a vital part is the best way to frame it and keep your employees motivated.  


Reward Achievements 

The rewards system is old yet one of the greatest ways to motivate your employees effectively. The reward system of achievements, whether big or small, individual or by the team makes employees feel appreciated, knowing that their efforts in a certain project or goal are recognized and rewarded. This rewarding feeling keeps the fire burning in the organization and inspires other employees to do well in their job to be rewarded too. You can motivate your employees by announcing accomplishments in meetings, special mention achievers during flag ceremonies, reward the employee of the month, give spot incentives for big closed deals, free lunch or even a personal parking space will do. By this, you give pride in the excellence of the job of your employees.  


Recognition is a basic, know why: 

Evaluate them individually every once in a while 

This could be a tasking effort in the management but this pays off if handled well. Employees are human beings not just hired to make your rich but they are your teammates for success. Ergo, individual evaluation is an important practice and should be conducted at least once a year. You need to know this to ensure they feel valued in the company. By this, you are giving them an opportunity to open up their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. This is also the time you can give constructive criticisms to improve their performance.  

Giving employees the two sides of the coin by identifying where they excel and where they need improvement makes them feel respected and cared for. This is also the time you’ll see who has matured enough in the profession and who is still struggling in managing criticisms.  

Evaluation is a need, how to do it? Check this out: 

Be a part of their growth and advancement 

This is one of the best ways to make them feel there is really perks in doing well. Keep your employees motivated by showing them the way how to be the person they want to be. Telling your employees that you want to be part of their success is a strong motivation to keep them working hard. You can offer them study grants like postgraduate courses that they can study to contribute change and progress in the company. Helping your employees in reaching their dreams as long as it is within your shared goal with the company.  

Give flexible working schedules  

Time is the most expensive commodity in the workplace. Giving your employees a flexible option about it will not only give them motivation but happiness. You can offer them flexible work schedules, compressed workweeks, or even work from the home scheme as long as they maintain to hit the targets, beat the deadline, and the quality of their work. As they say “there are a million ways to kill a cat”, so as being efficient and productive at work because excellence is not achieved in a one-way method. If giving these flexible options unleashes the best in your employees, give this a try.  

Let your employees lead 

Leadership is an overnight skill; it takes experience to hone this. Giving your employees the opportunity to lead, in a small or big project is a good way to motivate them to work harder and achieve higher. Now that the decision is given to them, they feel trusted and this will motivate them to perform beyond expectation as the success of their project is a success of their name, team, and company. The fleeting feeling of success and knowing you are the person behind it is incredible motivation. You can do this by having weekly goals and assign your employees to be leaders. Let them show off what they can do.  


Trusting your employees is somewhat a leap of faith if you are an employer who likes to do all the things and just command employees what to do. However, in a company giving trust and autonomy to employees to contribute and build the success the company is a motivation for them. Remember, if your employees are motivated at work, they give their best and they achieve your shared goals. This also means better productivity, more innovations, and solutions to problems. 


Keeping the driving force of your employees will not only benefit them individually but the company as a whole. As your people achieve their maturity in the profession and achieve their career goals, your company is also fully-equipped with excellent, resilient, and creative professionals. Let them explore and expand their skill set and let them offer a new success to your company. The more engaged your employees are, the more clients you have and the more goals you will achieve. Now it is better because you are together. Keep your employees motivated at work! 


Written by Ariane Negishi

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