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Secrets to Getting A Job At Aecom

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Secrets to Getting A Job At Aecom

Job seeking today has become very competitive. With all the resources that job seekers can find online, it’s just a matter of seconds before another seeker gets that dream job of yours. For jobseekers like you aiming to land a job at one of the largest multinational engineering firms like Aecom, it is best to know and prepare your best foot forward.

Here are the secrets on how to get noticed by Aecom recruiters and land that dream job with them according to Julie Cox, Aecom’s Sourcing Talent Manager:

Keep an up to date resume

Active or not actively looking for a job at Aecom, Julie Cox advises future applicants to keep their resume up to date. Always be ready to grab that job when it finally falls into your lap. Keeping an up to date resume gives you more chances to be noticed as it means you have a lot to offer. So every time you get to learn a new skill, transfer to a new department or get a promotion, add that to your resume real-time so when that Aecom recruiter calls you, you will be ready to sell yourself and grab the job.

Aecom is constantly looking for great talents to join their team and even with some heavy competition going on there are ways to get noticed by recruiters from Aecom. Maybe you are wondering now how to get a job at AECOM easily? One key strategy that you should do is to get yourself out there and be noticed. Making sure that you are just one click away is an advantage to the competition. But getting into a huge company may take more than updating your LinkedIn profile.

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Use the right resources online

Make use of online presence, today most recruiters find talents online. It is the best time to make your LinkedIn attractive and other media platforms. Registering online job search sites will also help you to get noticed. Recruiters make use of the world wide web to sift through hundreds and thousands of qualified candidates, so go ahead and start creating your job profile now.

Use the right keywords, your skills

When creating an online presence it is important to use the right keywords. As per Cox, when recruiters search for talents online, they use specific keywords to narrow them down. Be strategic when it comes to creating details such as location and skill set. Brand yourself accordingly and do not just copy everybody else’s description.

Set up links to your blog and successful projects

Blogs or personal websites are the new trends to also make a professional online presence. Top candidates use these kinds of strategies to make their online presence much stronger. Let them know why you are a good investment and you are the best choice for them. Upload your successful projects and share them with your future bosses at Aecom. Recruiters love references to your skills as this will lessen their background checking.

Getting noticed by Aecom recruiters

Getting noticed by recruiters at Aecom may seem easy yet requires a little amount of work and proper profile building online. Start by getting your resume ready and slowly tap into other resources for recruiters to know that you are just one click away to becoming Aecom’s latest team member.

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