Pros and Cons of Having a Second Job

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Pros and Cons of Having a Second Job

Nowadays, working full-time can no longer secure your finances. Most of us are cash-strapped due to the prolonged threat of COVID-19 in the international setting, change in life roles and sudden financial emergencies in the family. Whatever could be the reason, we really come to a point that we just ran out of cash, despite the tight budgeting. Thus, most professionals resort for a second job or they leave their full-time jobs in exchange of two to three part-time jobs. 

However, finding a second job is not really about the extra money but this is also one way of exploring opportunities, acquiring new skills and experiencing a whole new working environment. In this article, Supreme Hiring will give you an overview of the pros and cons of having a second job. We hope to help you decide and weigh things before deciding to make a big decision not just about your earning but more on your career and wellness. 


Pros of Having a Second Job

Extra Income for Leisure

According to a survey, the top reason why professionals sign-up for a second job is the goal of having an extra buck for leisure and other needs. We are so fond of the newest iphones, playstations, travel goals and food trips. Since it is impossible to spend your main revenue for leisure because it is already allocated for  bills, daily expenses and emergency fund. If you have a second job, you will no longer be guilty of buying yourself a new bag or going for a weekend getaway because you will be spending an extra money for it. 

More Savings

If you have a savings goal for a certain period, saving up will be easier if you have a second job. The salary you’ll receive on your second job is an extra that could be used for other things like savings. Although savings is part of your primary salary from your full-time job, it is rewarding to save more from an extra. 

Explore New Horizons

Your second job is a new opportunity where you can try what you can do. Unlike your full-time job where you need to do all your best to keep it, your second job does not work that way. Although you still need to do your best, it is not something you are afraid to lose. It is like a breather where you can earn while you can do the things you really love. Unfortunately, most of us are misplaced and working just to earn. Hence, if you are planning to have a second job, find a job that makes you happy. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, you are enjoying while earning. You can also use your second job as an edge in your full-time job. It is an avenue to develop new skills or have a specialization course that serves as your leverage as a professional. 


Cons of Having a Second Job


Physical and Mental Burnout

Having a second job means more jobs to do and more physical and mental energy to give in every job. The level of tiredness depends on how slow or fast your body could adapt to the rhythm of having two jobs in a day. Some people enjoy the momentum at first and later feels the burnout from doing the two

jobs. That is why, it is very important to strategize and be disciplined enough to follow your working time. If you have a flexible working schedule, make sure to finish your scheduled task for the hour to prevent cramming in the last hour. In order to counter burnout, prioritize your tasks. Accomplish tasks according to due date. 

No More Free Time

The first reason why you decided to take the second job is that you have free time. Hence, if you already have a second job, free time is now just a thought in the air. You will have less time for friendly chit chats as you have deadlines from your two jobs. On the other hand, most of the second jobs are home-based, where you can just be at home. Take this as a motivation that you earn while you are at home with the people that matter like your family.  When you have a second job, you will really realize that you should spend your time wisely. 

Always Distracted

Since your second job also demands time, effort and attention. Unfortunately, this will really distract your performance in your first job. Hence, losing the balance between the two jobs will lead you to losing both. To prevent this from happening, be mindful of your productivity in both jobs. Be objective, come up with a good routine and focus. 

All of us want financial security not just for ourselves but also for our family. That is why having a second job is indeed a good option. However, having a second job is a new commitment at a certain point in time. Hence, before you decide to take a second job or not, think and plan first. Make sure you can keep up with the pressure and demands of both jobs. Make sure it is worth it and make sure that you will not sacrifice a bigger part of your professional and personal life for an extra income

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