Professional Ways to Handle Rejections in Sales

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Professional Ways to Handle Rejections in Sales

In 2021, sales organizations are into full online platforms. They did not say totally goodbye to the traditional way but they are starting to adapt and embrace the digital change. Regardless how sales organizations react in the full digitalization, it is still beneficial for them since it is automated and convenient. However, just like in the traditional way, rejections are still present and surprisingly it is harder to deal than before. 


This day Supreme Hiring will show you five ways to handle every “NO” in a sale call. Rejection is a tough moment to recover from especially when you are in the sales job. The engaging conversation with the potential client does not guarantee a close deal because most of the time, it ends up with a no, goodbye! This article is a heads up to those who plan to be in sales, rejection is really a piecemeal along the way. Thus, keep on reading and know how to handle it. 


  • Learn from it and develop your skills. 

Being in sales could be the toughest position in business. Salespeople carry the burden of closing deals and hitting quotas. The skill itself cannot be gained overnight. It needs a combination of other soft and hard skills to achieve the ultimate sales skill. And even if it really hurts, the best way to learn and earn these skills is through rejections. Rejections will affect you emotionally and psychologically and you cannot just give in to it when you are rejected on the spot. According to a survey, successful salespeople learned and improved their craft through rejections and “NOs”. When you are rejected, your resilience is developed, so as your confidence. Each time you receive a no, analyze over and over again. Always ask yourself why they would say. From there, build your script, improve your approach and aim to close the deal. Take note what really works out and not in customers. If you are thinking it is a trial and error, and you are right. In sales, you will meet all kinds of people. Thus, you should really study and practice how to deal and approach these people. If you fail today, just try again tomorrow. If it does not work now, then find a way that it will work next time. 

  • Adjust your mindset. 

As they say, failure is just the moment and not the person. When rejection comes in your way, remember that it is part of the game in work. Although a NO significantly affects your paycheck or may even cause your work, do not be swayed. Do not let your emotions rule over you. Do not take it personally, instead guard your emotions. Because if you let your emotions flow, you’ll just mess up and it won’t fix anything. Every after call, refresh your mindset, give the same energy because we do not know, the next caller is ready to hear you out. The start is always the hardest part in this profession. So if today you heard a NO, it is part of the process and it is a reminder that you should strive for the better. 

  • Be fearless. 

Experiencing rejection for the first time will naturally instill fear. The fear to try, the fear of the unpleasant experience and the fear of being not good in what you do. While this is normal but it should not be the end. Moreover, potential clients are among those who said NO the first time they heard you. Thus, when they say NO today, then still follow-up the next day. According to Paul Van Den Brande, sometimes it takes more than five follow-ups to close a deal. Failure and rejections are inevitable in life and in business. And if you’ll ask how successful salespeople do about it, they just get over it. There is no better day to be fearless about getting a NO but today. Start again and get it on!

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