Preventing Wrong Hires for Remote Work

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Preventing Wrong Hires for Remote Work

Part of moving on is embracing the new normal. The new normal includes the virtual working environment and the remote employment where you start from where you are now. Both labor and capital do not have a choice but to see the good in this situation. A study showed that those companies save up to $2,000 per employee since they started implementing work from home. In return, employees are enjoying flexible working hours at home. Employees now are also willing to take a salary cut in exchange for the flexible time options since dealing with the new normal needs a lot of adjustment not just in the body clock but with the mindset.   

The working set-up may change but the hiring is still going on. The employers and hiring managers are business and hiring as usual. They are still looking for the best working force for the company. The hiring process is different before and after the outbreak of COVID-19. In the present, most companies commit almost the same mistakes in hiring WFH employees. Many hiring managers are not used to the new normal and often take for granted the basics and best practices in the hiring and selection process. Some are too hooked with the old school style of hiring, which is not suitable for the current situation.   

While it is understandable that adjustment may take some time, you are employers and hiring managers. Meaning you should be the first people who are one step ahead of others. When the pandemic started, you should have prepared for the worst scenario and you should have a back-up plan especially for the hiring process. If your company still keeps on struggling due to wrong hires, it is now the time to stop hiring first and keep the process in order. Take note of these three common and big mistakes committed by companies in hiring a remote employee.   

 1. Throwing away the Face-to-Face Contact  

The essence of face-to-face or in-person interviews is the opportunity of the hiring manager to observe the verbal and non-verbal actions of the candidate if it coincides with each other. However, since staying at home is strictly implemented all over the globe, going out for an interview at work is highly discouraged.   

When you hire your virtual workforce, the basics of a formal job interview should still be inculcated in the process,. Most hiring managers are now lazy and impatient with interruptions through video conferencing due to connectivity problems and noisy background. Hence, instead of seeing their candidates on cam live, they prefer offline interviews as it can also be a cost-effective hiring strategy. Offline interviews are in the form of written questions and answer email. This could be good if this is just part of the interview phase and not the entire interview. This is the mistake that you should not commit when hiring your remote workforce. Why?  

Throwing out the face-to-face contact is the reason for wrong hires in the new normal because you do not know your candidates. The written Q&A via email is an ineffective interview strategy. First, fraud and plagiarism can be easily committed to writing satisfying and excellent answers. Second, you miss the chance to connect personally with your future employee. Third, you decreased the value of professionalism in your company which directly reflects on your company’s work values.   

Survey says that candidates appreciate face to face interviews from the company they are applying to. They feel motivated, skilled, and valued during interviews because of the time given to them to prove themselves worth hiring for the post. If live video conferencing is impossible, you use video interviews. You can do this by asking your candidate to send you a video record of their answers where you can see how they respond in every question.   

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2. Popping the Wrong Queries  

One of the goals of virtual interviews is to reveal and test the potential and skills of your candidate. Well, you cannot do this if you are in the wrong direction. Queries in the form of interview questions are asked to develop the conversation during the interview. However, if you are asking the wrong questions, you might just get the wrong answers too. Thus, the goal of the interview is not met and worst, you hire the wrong candidate.

To prevent this from happening, hiring managers should prepare the right questions to ask in a virtual interview. The questions asked should answer the things you are looking for. An example is if you would like to know the level of your candidate’s skill, then you should ask him behavioral questions. As you develop your conversation, it will also reveal their passion and motivations. This will take time but this is worth having than saving time but hiring the wrong one. In doing this phase, you can already assess how to handle this future employee and how he could work as an efficient member of the virtual workforce.   

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3. Passing over the Skills Assessments  

The virtual world looks everything complicated when in fact, it is easy and accessible. Skills assessment is an essential part of the hiring process but it is usually skipped nowadays. Most hiring managers are eager to hire yet lazy to validate their new hires. In in-person job applications, skills are easy to assess as you can see how the candidate performs in the given task. For existing employees, a skills assessment is done at least every quarter through training and mentorship to make sure the quality and productivity of their position. On that note, this is possible in remote employment, although it is quite hard to do what is important is it is feasible.   

As hiring managers, skills assessment should be included in the hiring process. A skill try-out and series of skill assessment tests should be conducted before hiring. This is to ensure that you are hiring the right people for the post. This trial stage is crucial as you will see how this candidate can contribute to the success of your company. You can determine if he could be polished and improved throughout the time in the company. By strictly implementing this, this will save your company from headaches for hiring the wrong people. This will also help the company in the long run.   

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The virtual environment has too much to offer that oftentimes we fall in the pit of convenience and time. We forget the basic and essential foundations in the hiring process because we have a very high momentum with automatic test results, we are too impatient during live interviews and we are too excited to get the job done. The right and best virtual talents are found with patience and tests so when you can avoid these three mistakes, we are sure that nothing will go wrong. You will hire the right ones and eliminate the wrong ones. Invest in the right people, invest time, and effort in the hiring process.  



Written by Ariane Negishi

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