Preparations Before Taking Employment Tests 

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Preparations Before Taking Employment Tests 

The hiring process has different stages. Each stage has different purposes but has one ultimate goal, it is to hire the best candidate in the pool for the job post. One of the most crucial stages of the hiring and selection process is the employment tests. This standardized test is used to gauge and assess the intelligence, skills, personality, and other qualities that a hiring manager is looking for a candidate for a certain job. Tests are widely used in all companies in the hiring process as an effective device in selecting and sorting candidates. Therefore, if you are a candidate who is scheduled to take an employment test days from now, you should take this seriously and prepare well. What preparations do you need to do before taking an employment test in the selection process? 

  • Get to know and study the different employment tests. 

Employment tests are too many and if you just received your test schedule a few days before the actual date then you will not cover everything. The best you could do is to know what employment test is applicable and needed in the job you are applying for. Employment tests are divided into two, the general and the specific.  

General employment tests are tests used by almost all companies as they cover general topics and what it needs to measure is applicable in every job. General employment tests are cognitive ability and aptitude tests. These are the most common general employment tests as these tests measure your intelligence, IO, and mental ability. It reveals what field of the academe you are good at, like Math, English, or in reasoning. On the other hand, specific employment tests are specialized and standardized tests that are needed for a specific job. Specific employment test examples include physical ability test and skill test. If you are applying for a gym instructor, a physical ability test can be conducted to measure your endurance and strength and if you are applying as a designer, you will be asked to layout and come up with a design.  


Check this out to know more about different types of employment tests: 

  • Practice through reviewers or free applications 

Employment test examples are now in books, on the web, or applications. Free resources, especially online is accessible. You can have a warm-up using these materials so that when you take the test, your mind is ready confident. According to research, most candidates fail in employment tests not because they do not know the answer. Instead, they fail due to psychological reasons. They are overwhelmed with the questions because they are not ready for it and it leads to mental black. When a person is tense and pressured, the way we think is affected. That is the importance of practicing how to answer employment tests because it preconditions your mind that these types of tests are the test you are taking and you are ready for it. Make your brain get used to the level of difficulty. Knowledge and confidence are great combinations to pass an employment test and you can develop both when you do practice tests.  


Here is a sample employment test, test how long can you go: https:



Can you pass this personality test? https:


  • Set your test room. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, employment tests are don in-site and in-person on the company premises if you are just in the same state or area. Now, whether or you near or far, employment tests are done remotely to ensure the safety of everyone. With this, you need to set where you are going to take the test. Choose the best room in your house with the very least distractions. Tests are usually timed so you need a conducive room in taking it because you cannot afford a distraction in a timed test. Ask in advance how long the test will take, what other things needed aside from the computer and if possible, the app or method of the test to know the bandwidth requirements in advance. Preparing your “battle room” is important as this is part of your future employment. Your success in your employment test gives you a big chance to get hired.  




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  • Focus and Read the Instructions carefully. 

On the day on the test, be focused. Eat well, exercise, and relax your mind. No more reviewing of materials. Your mind should be calm enough to think properly.  

Instructions are given before the test proper starts. This is the part where most candidates fail because they are so eager to answer and they failed to read the instructions. In taking tests, following instructions is a must. It does not matter if you have the correct answers but you did not follow instructions, your answers will not be recorded, especially that online tests are very sensitive. The computerized system only reads answers that followed the instructions. Following instructions also tests how keen you are in detail and if you can understand and follow it. Do not be in a rush to answer the questions. Take time to read and understand the material first. Most employment tests are open-ended questions, meaning there are no wrong answers, your score will depend on how you craft your answer. Also, if you encounter difficult questions you can move to the next as long as you go back to it later, answer all questions if possible, and do not leave them unanswered.  


Here are some tips and strategy in answering employment test:

At the end of the day, the result of your employment test is beneficial both for the employer and the candidate. Employment tests are designed to evaluate your skills, intelligence, and personality. By taking this, you will know how ready you are for the job. Employment tests are often standard and reasonable so whatever test result it yields, it is a reliable parameter to define who you are and what you can do for a certain job. There could be false positive and negative results since it is not perfect but for now, where we need to work remotely, it is the only way to screen candidates and to know more of yourself.  

The hiring and screening process would take time and effort, not only on your part but also for the company. Not all candidates had a chance to take the employment tests that is why when you are given the chance, give your best shot to ace it. To do it, you need to prepare well and work hard for it.  




Written by Ariane Negishi

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