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Manage and Overcome Weaknesses at Workplace 

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Manage and Overcome Weaknesses at Workplace 

Human as we are, we have our share of strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. As much as we want to be ideal, it is impossible because all of us have flaws and shortcomings. However, this should not be a hindrance for us to succeed in our careers. In the lighter sense, having weaknesses makes us authentic and unique human beings where we are capable of doing things in our way for the good of the company.  

What should we do about weaknesses? Should we remove them from our system, especially in the workplace? This seems so easy but our weaknesses are part of our being, our personality, and of who we are. Having weaknesses does not make us a lesser employee as all employees, even the employee with the highest position has weaknesses. Hence, all we can do is manage and overcome it. We have here a list of weaknesses at the workplace. Let us go through them one by one and together, let us manage and overcome them to be better and successful professionals: 

Weakness No. 1: Focusing too much on details 

A focused and detail-oriented employee is a good attribute. However, if someone is focusing too much on details and spend too much time over it is not good after all. This becomes a weakness because if you are always like this at the workplace, you will miss your deadlines and you will not meet your goals according to the timetable. On the other side, having this weakness is somewhat good at certain times as if you are tasked to review work, minor errors will easily be recognized and corrected. You can work this out by always reviewing the time table before working on certain projects. There is nothing wrong with being too focused even on small details as long as you can keep up with the period to finish a certain project.  

Weakness No. 2: Having a hard time letting go 

Letting go is subjective, depending on the things you want to let go with. At the workplace, this weakness usually manifests when a project is almost complete. Someone who has worked hard and gave his full effort to do the project had usually a hard time letting go of the members and the project itself. When this weakness is not managed well, it leads you to self-destruction and the project will not hit the timeline because you will have last-minute changes or overly hesitate to give the next team to handle it. Overcome this by being proactive and loving the process that a project always comes and go. Hence, letting go should not be a problem because you will have another project to work with. Review the project in every phase and immediately correct whatever errors you can find.  

Weakness No. 3: Struggling in saying “NO” 

Helping is good but if it loses the balance at work, then learn to say no. Not every request from your workmate deserves a yes. Granting requests while hardly working on your workload is a remarkable balance. It shows that you are a dedicated employee but this does not last for long because like a glass of water, we get full when the water flow is fast. If you do not manage this weakness well, you will the most burn out an employee every week. Hence, you need to be comfortable saying “NO” if you must. In the workplace, we are hired to do certain jobs, meaning all of you in the workplace are expected to do your task and not by anyone. Asking for help is allowed but asking another to make it for you is another story. Always focus on your task first before trying to help others. Be realistic about what you can and can’t do.  

Weakness No. 4: Lacking Confidence 

This is one of the weaknesses that you badly need to work out because, in any position in the company, confidence is a must. This is very common in entry-level employees where they are not that confident with themselves which makes them mediocre workers. They often feel unqualified and unimportant in the organization. Take note, you are hired because the company sees your potential to be a successful professional. Humility is good but sometimes you need to step up and talk. Align your confidence according to your job, feel it, and be comfortable about it. Talk when needed, stand up, and take pride in what you do for the company.  

Overcome lack of confidence now, watch this video: 

Weakness No. 5: Difficulty in Handling different personalities 

The workplace is a diverse place to spend eight hours or more of your day. If you have this weakness, you are really in trouble because you cannot do anything about the people in the workplace. You cannot ask the hiring manager to hire only professionals you can get along with. Thus, you need to be a flexible person. Teamwork is a must in all businesses of the company and the only way to succeed is to get along with different personalities. Manage this by having a self-awareness evaluation first, more than anyone you should be the first one who knows and understands yourself. By this, you’ll know how you will react and handle any clash of personalities at the workplace. Keep in mind that you are working for the success of the company and not only for one person. Always think of the company first and find your way to fit and work with other employees. 

A weakness will remain a weakness if you do not work it out. Managing and overcoming these weaknesses would take time and it is okay because as they say, great things take time. There is no shortcut of changing our weaknesses into strengths so the least you can do by now is to manage and overcome it your professional good and success of the company.  

Weaknesses are just inside of us, where we have the choice to keep and overcome it to perform our task, to get along with our workmates, and to hit our goals in the workplace. You should be the to control it and you should not let it control you. Enjoy the process during your improvements and make sure you’ll know the wisdom behind every struggle, especially in the workplace. There is no way to be better but to try being the worst. Hence if you have one of the weaknesses mentioned in this article, do not be bothered. Instead, start working on it now! 

Now is the time to turn your weaknesses into strengths: 

Written by Ariane Negishi

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