Killer Don’ts during Virtual Interviews

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Killer Don’ts during Virtual Interviews

Before the pandemic, virtual remote interviews are already existing especially for outsourced or remote workers across the globe. Landing an interview is just a few steps closer to your goal, to get hired. It is not a guarantee that you’ll get the job but it is a chance. Thus, ace it and give your best shot even if it is virtual. 

Supreme Hiring as an online job board software identified two goals why potential applicants are looking forward to landing an interview. First, they believe that they have what it takes to be hired for the open position. They do this by impressing the employers with their education, skills and accomplishments as professionals. Second, they want to improve themselves or advance their career. Most professionals are eager to learn and share new things in a new workplace. They love challenges, discovering new things and unlocking new skills. 

Today we will give you the top three killer don’ts during a virtual interview. We aim to help you out so take a read and avoid these mistakes. 


Virtual interviews use different video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. These platforms cover limited frames during virtual interviews so your interviewer cannot really see your overall outfit. This is the most common mistake that most interviewee commit, they are very complacent about the limited frames and they just dress casually. Usually, they have a formal top with a pajama under or they are still in their sandos with just a vest on. During an interview, whether in person or virtually, always dress up from top to bottom. Dressing up well will not only keep you from embarrassing moments but it will boost your confidence as well. It will give you a formal mindset and goal that you need to ace your interview. 



It is perfectly normal to be nervous or tense before interviews because you do not know what the questions will be or you just can’t see yourself to leave any question poorly answered. Thus, it is important to prepare for interviews. Practice answering most common interview questions and make notes if you need to. However, do not just depend on it. Your interview answers in your notes should only serve as a lead for an excellent answer or point. Do not memorize, instead understand the question and take the lead from your notes. Moreover, research the company that will hire you and take note of the important thing. Again, notes are helpful but depending on them will make you look undecided and distracted on screen. If you really want to look at your notes, just glance and make sure you do not look off-screen.


Virtual interviews can be real-time and pre-recorded. Regardless of which between the two you will have, do not be overconfident. Make sure before you face the interview, you have practiced. Being too confident that the interview will be easy is a trap. Actually interviews as a general are unpredictable. Even if you already know the questions, it still feels different when you are on-deck. Follow-up questions need deep understanding and grace under pressure. To prevent getting rattled during virtual interviews, always practice beforehand. Get used to the pressure and atmosphere so that when it’s your turn, you look relaxed and spontaneous. 

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