Jobseekers Guide To Career Shifting During COVID-19  

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Jobseekers Guide To Career Shifting During COVID-19  

COVID-19 greatly affected the economy and all forms of the industry worldwide. Considering the danger of reporting to work every day for you and your family, most workers are now in work from home (WFH) or worst have no job for almost months for now. Staying at home has been a protocol to prevent the spread of the disease and to ensure the safety and well-being of the family. What is happening now significantly affects your career and future.   

If you already have a stable career before this pandemic and it was shut down due to protocols, career shifting is one of the things you are considering by now. The government may have assisted the displaced workers but unfortunately, it is not enough to sustain the life you are used to be. The crisis today is felt deep into the bone. Thus, as a breadwinner in the family or if you are just starting to have a career, you are maybe contemplating by now what career to pursue to survive this pandemic.   

We are uncertain of until when this pandemic will end. Thus, at this moment you should be thinking about what to do. I’m sure you are confused about the next step to take: whether you should keep what you started and wait; whether you should shift and start again; or just endure what you have for now. But I am sure giving up and doing nothing is not an option because whether there is a pandemic or not, life goes on and we should keep moving on.    

Here are at least five things you should consider before shifting your career during COVID-19 because now is not the time to be confused about your life decisions, instead, today is the best time to have clarity of mind towards your next step and progress.   

Know your Values  

It is very hard to work in an environment that does not conform to your values. Before you shift, you should make sure that whatever you are planning to take fits your capabilities and your work ethics. Although we should not be choosy of the available jobs for us today, at least look for a job that suits you. A job where you love what you do. Why is this important? This is important because your values are your core motivations. If a worker is highly motivated in what he/she does it is reflected in his/her outputs. The good output is a good foundation for building a career. If the pandemic warrants a shift in your career, consider a job that is aligned with the values because you like it or not your values matter. If things go wrong, there will be no regrets because that is what you wanted.   


Check this video to assess your career values: 


Look Back at your Career Journey  

If you have already established a career before COVID-19, try to look back at the memory lane. The memories of your career through time are a good indicator of whether you need to shift or not. If applying on the same job and it still feels good. Then, you should keep it. However, if asked again, and your answer is no, then you need a shift. Your past experiences in your career are a factor if you are considering a career shift. Shifting your career is not an easy decision to fulfill. It takes commitment and time to learn things. If you are still happy and surviving in your current career, keep it. If not, then start taking the braver path and see what is waiting for you. There is nothing wrong about deciding to shift if you live with it.   


Is it time? Check this video:

Improve yourself by acquiring new skills  

In the present, skills are preferred over what is written in the paper. Most employers are now looking at what you can do and contribute to their company that what your grades tell in your transcript. Although grades still matter and a good sign of excellence, people nowadays are practical. It does not matter if you have a 95 or an A+, what matters now is what you do in real working space. Thus, now is the perfect time to acquire and explore new skills. Now that we are just at home, we all have the spare time to learn new skills. Skills that we can offer for the next career. Online courses and tutorials are just in one click and most of the time, free! If you are planning to have a career shift, start learning the skills that are high on-demand online. These new skills are not just good for your new career but for yourself. It will help you improve and discover things you are good at and capable of. Who knows, your new skillset is your way to success. Keep learning!  

What are the new skills? It is here:


Research on the latest career trends  

Opportunities are just in the reach of your fingertips, knowing that we are on the “new normal”. Everything can be searched on the web. Be updated on what is happening outside the four corners of your home. The corners of your old office are a barrier to possibilities because it limits what you can see. With the advent of technology, career trends are constantly changing, especially now that we are facing a pandemic. By this, you can prepare yourself if you wish to have a shift in your career, you can always look for high paying careers with high demand post COVID. You can start learning what is needed in different job opportunities so you will not be left behind. Manual is good but automated is great. That is how building a career looks like in 2020. A Straightline is not the only option going up. Today, success is in vast definition, ways, and forms.   

Trending jobs in 2020: 

Be Open-minded in different opportunities  

It is hard to say goodbye to the things we are used to. As much as we want to keep the road we are taking, the pandemic is unpredictable. We still do not know how long this crisis would last, so the least we could do is find a way to be stable in terms of our finances. If the only choice to have money is to work, then you should be open-minded enough to explore new options. Amidst of the pandemic, new careers are on the peak because eventually, the system will find a way to adapt and survive. Innovations are available as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Nothing is impossible now. There are lots of jobs online that give off highly satisfactory salaries. These jobs are far from your comfort zone but these jobs will help you survive. If you are now decided to shift, then be ready for the new adventure. As they say, there are a thousand ways to kill a cat. During the COVID-19 there are also a thousand ways to earn and survive. Widen your perspective and do not resist change.   


After reading these five things, you should be decided by now. Would you keep your old career or shift to a new one. Only you can answer that. Before you decide for good, think, and reflect first. Know what you wanted and needed. Then, take a step to make it happen. The pandemic may shake us but it cannot take us down. 


Written by Ariane Negishi

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