Increase Productivity in Working from Home

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Increase Productivity in Working from Home

COVID-19 is not yet over. In 2021, a total shift is happening from office-based work to home-based set-up. Professionals in different industries have different views and reactions about it. Some are delighted and some are struggling about it. However, regardless if you are happy about it or not, your company is looking forward to your productivity, whether you are in the office, in the field, or at home. 

Working from home is not a new working set-up. Before the pandemic hit across the globe, this was already an option to various sectors, in business, health, education, and other fields of employment. Since 2005, around 5 Million people are already remotely doing part-time work at home. In 2021, it is expected to increase as much as 200%, considering we are facing the pandemic and we are uncertain when it will end. 

Hence, Supreme Hiring being the best online job board software with a built-in CRM software and ATS would like to help every job seeker and employer in the new normal. Adapting to change is not an easy task for both parties since there will be lots of trial and error along the way. Implementing a total work from home set-up in the company is hard to manage. In this article, we will give you ideas on how to increase your productivity in working from home. Mastering how to do it will not just give a meaningful impact in your workplace but will hone you into a reliable employee that every boss could count on. 

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Strictly follow your timetable

Routines are boring. That is a fact but that is necessary. When you are in the corporate world, the routine is an important part of your everyday working life. Every employee, even your CEOs follow a certain series of tasks at a specific time. When you are in the office, your schedule is easy to follow since you have your HR manager to check on you, you have your colleagues at arm’s length to ask for deliverables and you have this innate mindset that when you are at the office, you work. Anyhow, working from home has a different kind of vibe. Our home is generally a place for rest and comfort. At home, we expect to relax, do other things out of our office routine, enjoy our hobbies, or have quality time with our family. Now that the place of comfort is also a place for hustle, boundaries over time are blurred. You don’t feel your tardiness at home, since you are no longer traveling from one place to another. You do not feel accountable anymore as there is no time card when you start working. If you fail to manage your time and stick to your working schedule, you will not finish your task on time or maybe you can finish it but you will feel really tired. When working from home, you need a view of your routine office task. You can print your routine and follow it strictly. By doing this, you will be more productive than you think because you are on track and you are in the comfort of your home at the same time. 

Connect Regularly

The feeling of isolation is one of the most common feelings when you are working from home since you are just alone at home. You tend to do things on your own, looking around the corners. Staying connected with your peers keeps your mind working. Get connected through different communication platforms like meeting conferences and virtual hi and hello. Once in a while, check out your workmates, talk about work like what you do in the office. Chatting and exchanging ideas with your workmates will help you overcome the anxieties in working from home. Appreciate their encouragement and revive the resemblance of working in the office and working from home, until you realize that it is not really that different from each other. Now that we are at war with the pandemic, we need to be flexible. Be more patient with the internet connection, delays, and distraction. Always find your way by keeping your communication lines open and make every conversation worthy of your time. 

Establish and Official Workstation at Home

Just like any working day, you have to roll out of bed, dress-up, and prepare for work. In order to maintain and increase your productivity at home, you need to designate an official workstation at home. Your workspace will condition your mind and your vision for the day. Boundaries are needed to keep the balance. Hence, if you are in your workstation, you work and when you are in the other part of your home like in the bedroom, you rest. Do not mix and match places and tasks. If you have a big area, consider a room for your workstation, if you have limited space, a table and chair by the corner will do. You do not really have to spend a lot like a renovation just to come up with an official work station. As long as you have all you need for work in a certain area inside the house, it can be your workstation. 

Program your Team

The only way to get in touch and follow-up tasks is through virtual meetings. Meetings can be done through different platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Krisp, and many more. While all of you are in your own home, establishing a program during these meetings are important. House rules should be properly addressed and followed. How you dress, how you talk and preference should be considered by everyone. Before conducting a meeting, always remind your team of the dress code, prepare a quiet room for a while, ready the reports, and attend on time. In addition, use the best telecommuting for all. Make a survey before using an application to make sure, everyone can accommodate that application. By doing this, you can save time and you will have an ideal meeting flow. Making everyone feel connected gives them focus. Especially now that working from home is prone to distractions, programming your team keeps them on the same page with you. 


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