Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Career 

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Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Career 

Family, health, and careers are the top three priorities and most valued aspects of a person’s life. Ergo, choosing the career you want to pursue matters because that is one of the important decisions you will make in life. Careers are hard to build, considering the changing trends and needs you will have in every part of your life. Our career choices are influenced by our upbringing, availability of jobs, convenience, and passion. For neophytes in the professional arena, we highly recommend that you think of every step you take so that you can build your career in no time and prevent setbacks.  

Building a career path takes time, no one could say who long or short your need to wait. As defined, a career is a significant undertaking in a person’s life with an opportunity for progress. In this article, we will help you shape your career by giving you a list of the things you consider before pursuing or changing a career.  

A quick guide on how to decide on a career: 

Assess yourself

Decisions are easy to make and hard to live up. Thus, it is always advised that before you decide regarding an important matter, you should think about it a hundred times. Take time to assess yourself. Think about the things you really want about your career, what kind of job you want to do, what kinds of people you like to work with, what environment do you want, and other things about a job. Put these things into writing and use this as you search for jobs later. Evaluate the job description according to your personal goals.  

Here are some self-assessment questions to clear your mind out as you reflect.  

  1. In what field are you interested with? [writing, design, customer service]
  2. What are your soft and technical skills? [communication, time-management, graphic design, research]
  3. What are your key values? [financial stability, charity, independence]
  4. What is your natural aptitude? [leadership, project management, presenting]
  5. What is your personality? [outgoing, loyal, shy]

Know your Essentials

Your essentials in a job are the things that you want whatever your job or designation is. This could be in a form of monetary benefits, incentives, or conditions. This will lead you to your career path, wherein you are good at what you do and you love what you do because the essentials are present.  

You can answer these questions to know what are your essentials in your job.  

  1. How much do you expect to earn?
  2. What benefits do you require to have? [healthcare, housing, allowance]
  3. Do you like traveling?
  4. Do you want a fixed location?
  5. Do you want a flexible schedule?

If you already know what you want, you can easily evaluate what job offers all your essentials. By this time, you know where to find jobs because you already know what you want. 

Do you know that company benefits can be this cool? Watch this video: 

  • Explore the job list

Now that you know what you want and what you can do, this is the time you start exploring the job list. There are many ways to explore a job list. Nowadays, job titles are quiet deceiving hence manage your expectations and always review the job description before applying. You can check this out to have more choices where to explore for a job.  

  1. Ask your network. One of the easiest ways to find a job is through referrals. It is an advantage if you are directly referred by an existing employee in a company where you want to apply as they can give a personal review about you as a professional. 
  2. Check the industries you are interested with. Of course, do not apply to companies where you are not interested in their business. Focus on searching jobs in the companies that are aligned with your skills and interest as there is a higher chance that you will be hired here. 
  3. Cross-check it with your goals, values, and capabilities. Job searching is easier if you are motivated. Checking and exploring companies where you can have your dream job keeps you going. As they say, there is a law of attraction. If you think of positive things, then you will attract positive things. Like in searching for a job, a thing you want to be and it will attract you to where you should be. 


  • Make a short-list of the Companies 

By now you have the list of companies where you want to build your career. Start the research about its industry, company practice, and other things you want to find out about a certain company. If you are so lost, you can start researching these matters to have an overview of a company.  

  1. Check out what happens in “day in the life..“ of the job you want. In order to get a preview of what happens and to be ready in case, you are hired. This is detailed information on what you need to do what would you need to do as you build your career from this job. Get to know your tasks and responsibilities as well as know the people you will work with.  
  2. Asking this during the interview is awkward but this is the reality of working and if you will pursue this as a career, salary matters. This is usually the top motivation in working along with passion. Knowing what is the range of the salary will open your eyes to the reality of the job and if it is alright with you. Salary varies depending on the place, job title, and skill used in the job. 
  3. Find out if there are opportunities for growth. Whether it is your first job or you shifted your career, you need to ensure that you grow as a professional in the job you have. This means more skills to learn, opportunities for advancement, and experience. 

 Apply for the job and continue learning 

Start applying and find opportunities on different platforms. You can even start applying via mobile, desktop, or if you can apply on-site, the better. As you start and pursue your career, patience is a virtue as having a job is a process, and building a career is a lifetime commitment. Take setbacks as challenges and continue to grow, learn, and adapt with change as you go through your path.  


You can take a straight path or you can make your own path as you build your career. What matters is at the end of the race, where you are satisfied, happy, and contented with what you achieved through the years. If halfway you are troubled and confused, always go back to the main reason why you chose this certain career because it is worth remembering that “you did not get here just to be here.” Keep going and put your feet where your heart is. 

Written by Ariane Negishi

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