How to Let Employers Read your Resume

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How to Let Employers Read your Resume

Resume is just a document until it opens a big opportunity for you. Companies today shifted intro full-online platforms and this includes the recruitment process. Supreme Hiring is one of the partners of these companies towards a full automated hiring process. Supreme Hiring is an online job board software that has a built-in applicant tracking system and CRM that makes  the recruitment process fast and easy. 

Each time a resume is submitted for application, the system reads the resume and matches it with the existing jobs posts. Online job boards are like electronic filters that collect, scan, evaluate and rank resumes to come up with a short list of the most qualified applicants in the pool. With this, you need to be smart too in building your resume. Carefully tailor your resume well and let the system read and find it. In this article, we will give you three smart tips on how to let every online job board read your resume and keep it on the top results of applicants.

  • Customize your resume with the right keywords. 

Since an online job board software is a system-generated and user-assigned system, you need to find the right keywords to put in your resume. For example, if you are applying for a graphic designer position, do not just put “Expert in Adobe Creative Suite” instead look for the top keywords in this position and craft it well in your resume. In this case, highlight your certification, if you have any like “Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification”. When you have the right keywords, the system will read your resume and will include it in the top results because it is exactly what they are looking for. 



  1. Strategically place common words and phrases. 

A certain position has commonly used words, terms and phrases. Most employers use these words to look for potential applicants. And if luckily you have these phrases and words in your resume, you are a prospective qualified applicant for the position. When you write your resume, make sure that the common word and phrases can be found or mentioned in every part of your resume and not just in your skills section. For example, if you are applying for an accounting position, “bookkeeping” is one of the most common words. Hence, you can put this in your skills section, in the certification or education section, and in other sections in a creative and correct way. Make sure everything is still grammatically correct because you may outsmart the system but when it gets into human hands, you’ll regret it for making a mess in your resume. 

  • Research the company or work values. 

Almost all information on the internet is free. So before you do your resume and submit it in a particular company or upload it in an online job board software, we suggest you research first. In order to know the right skill or entice the employer to read your resume, make sure you are looking in the same perspective like sharing the same values. If you are applying in a specific company, research first the company values. The company values will give you an idea what kind of employee they are looking for. Online job board softwares just scans and matches resumes and positions. Thus, if you want a leverage, research and discover the qualities and skills you have to be noticed by that company. 

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