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How To Get Jobs Through a Staffing Agency

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How To Get Jobs Through a Staffing Agency

Most job seekers today are still having a hard time getting a job as it does require a bit of your time. Creating resumes, building your profile online to be noticed, writing different cover letters, and scheduling the interviews. At some point, a job seeker would get frustrated as the competition for getting a specific job gets higher.

The methods today are way better, compared two decades ago, looking for a job can be tougher and literally exhausting. Now with online job search, you can easily build your resume online and apply for different companies.

But did you know that aside from job search sites, there is a faster way to get a job? I believe you have heard of a staffing agency, if not then you might wanna get your curiosity going. So what is a staffing agency? What does it exactly do and how can you benefit from it as a jobseeker?

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency or also known as recruiting and staffing firms which is paid by companies to find and get matching candidates for them. When employers engage with staffing agencies they will be provided by a pool of job seekers like you to be hired by those specific employers. One of the secrets of recruiters like this is that they provide a wide variety of jobs from various industries and candidates that are looking for entry-level to executive-level jobs are also in the pool. Jobseekers like you can definitely go directly or register to a staffing agency and get hired as soon as possible.

How do staffing agencies work?

When you seek assistance through staffing agencies you will go through an interview process first and it is the staffing agency’s job to filter you to the right job position as well as match you to the right employer. Once you have been chosen as the right person for the job, you will be paid by the staffing agency to work for the company and if the company you work for decides to hire you permanently then the agency you are with will no longer pay you, instead, your employer will get you paid.

The Benefits

Free registration – When you register for a staffing agency you do not need to worry if you need to pay for any fees, they are free! In essence, the clients are the employers, they pay the staffing agencies to look for job seekers like you.

Doing the job search for you – with a staffing agency, you can just sit back and relax while waiting for job opportunities to come. They will be responsible for getting you an employer that matches your educational background, job experience, and position.

Wide range of available jobs – staffing agencies deal with numerous employers from different agencies. As mentioned, they have job openings from entry-level to executive levels, so if you are open to exploring more you can get full-time part-time jobs, and temp-to-hire jobs as well.

Guides you with your interviews – if ever you do not get the first job they match you with, staffing agencies will guide you and give you feedback on what you can do to improve and ace your next interview with another employer.

Choosing the right agency

When getting and choosing the right staffing agency, you should consider a few things before you connect with them:

Research and get to know the agencies first, check their history through their website. Look for positive and other feedback from other job seekers who have successfully landed jobs with them.

Make sure they can help you with your professional goals. Some agencies only cater to entry-level jobs and temp-to-hire jobs, so make sure they cater to all three standard jobs: permanent, temporary, and temp-to-hire. Also, check on the industries they deal with.

Check their longevity in the business. If the staffing agencies have been in the business for long, which means they experienced. There are fairly new agencies who are as competitive as well, so just get to know them well.

Land the job with these tips

Ace the interview – when going for an interview with staffing agencies, treat it like a usual interview. Be on time, dress appropriately, and be professional. Like interviews with actual employers, this will be your initial filtering process so be ready and get your head in the game.

Be honest – harness integrity, this is a quality that employers look for to any job seeker. When having an interview with the staffing agency, be honest, and do not lie for the sake of getting the job you prefer. It is crucial they match you with a job and employer that fits you.

Be assertive yet patient – if you are quite anxious and it took quite a long for the agency to get back to you, you can be respectively assertive and ask for a follow-up, but be also patient as it might take some time for the actual employers to choose. Ask for feedback if you must so you can move forward.

Decline politely – one common question from job seekers is “can I say no?” of course! If you see that the job position offered is not a match for you then let the agency know that this is not something you want, after all, you as the job seeker knows well what jobs you really want. Explain to the recruiter why and they will definitely help you find a good match in the future

Are you ready to get that job?

In the end, the question is are you ready to get that job? If so then always be prepared to ace that interview and maximize your opportunities by getting a boost from staffing agencies and other resources. With the right agency and resources landing a good job with a good employer is just one interview away.

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