How to Boost Your Chances in Getting Hired

How to Boost Your Chances in Getting Hired 

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How to Boost Your Chances in Getting Hired 

Today’s economy is bleating. Everyone, especially the new graduates are having difficulty to get a job. Given the extraordinary challenges we face now, you need to find a way to advance your job search and increase the chance of getting hired.  

Different industries are going low and unstable right now. That is why employers are meticulous, keen, and critical in hiring employees. Hiring managers now are looking for the best in every candidate pool.  

Looking for a job now takes weeks or even months. From screening to interview, landing a job that is best for you is indeed challenging and sometimes frustrating. Jobseekers who lands to their dream job or who have found the best job for them use different strategies to be one step ahead of others since the job-seeking competition is tough. If you stay with the usual hiring process, you will be left behind in the haystack.  

Take a look at these three recommended practices in job searching and increase your chances now. Do not just look for a job, go now, and get hired online. Say goodbye to the frustrating moments and do not make your application fall into the black hole trap. 

Select and apply  

Applying does not mean you apply to every job vacancy you see. To prevent the frustrations over job applications, be selective in applying for jobs. Be specific of the job you want and make sure you are qualified for it.  This is the common mistake job seekers commit when they apply. They send over their applications to all vacant positions even if it is not fit for them.  

Considering nowadays, hiring managers have also advanced systems of screening applicants. Wherein unqualified applicants are automatically eliminated in the pool without any feedback. On the other end, they sometimes do not care anymore if you are waiting or not, unless you follow-up because they are also confronted with hundreds of applications to screen a day.  

To increase your chance to be noticed during the screening, apply where you fit according to your skills, educational degree, and professional experience. You no longer need to waste time in sending and waiting for your application in jobs that is not fit for you as you will be deemed unqualified in the system. When you apply for jobs where your total professional package is fit for the job posting, hiring managers have better responses on your application. 

It does not stop there. Do not be too eager to apply. In other job sites, you can see how many applicants have sent their resumes and cover letters. Do not join the stream, instead, look for a job and submit high quality resumes. To do it, you can consider doing these things before applying: 

  • Validate the job or the employer whether it is legit or not
  • Know what are the key skills or qualifications needed in the job
  • Follow the instructions on how to apply
  • Do your best to correctly and reasonably answer all tests
  • Review your answers before submitting it

Following these things will not assure you to be hired but it significantly increases your chance to be noticed. This would take you a long time but it will shorten your waiting time for feedback, since employers and hiring managers would more likely respond to qualified and fit applications.  

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Be prepared all the time  

Success comes with discipline. Opportunities are just around the corner, hence all the things you need to submit for an application should be ready always. Make it a habit to be organized. Use a cloud to store all scanned and soft copies of your credentials, resume, and generic cover letter. Save it in one folder so that each time an upfront opportunity comes up, all you need to do is access and submit. 


 You will not waste more time in collating everything over and over again. Clouds or online drives are recommended that flash drives because the former is accessible anywhere, anytime in any device, unlike stored documents in flash drives, you will need a laptop or OTG to access it. You do not need to spend a penny to have an account because clouds and online drives are now for free up to 5 GB.  

Thus, when you see a job posting and you need to submit as soon as possible, you can submit immediately without any hassle. In job searching, being quick and qualified increases your chance to get hired.  

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Save Time, Fill in fast! 

Job seeking and application are now done online. Then, maximize whatever is available online. There are lots of job websites where you have the chance to get hired today. Job websites are the online and modern version of classified ads. They post listings both local and international. They do not just offer listings but they also offer other helpful resources like career coaching and resume tailoring.  


Use these platforms to look for the best job for you. Since you already spent time filtering the jobs that suit you, now apply smart. In using job websites, make it a practice to make an account. Carefully tailor your online CV in a certain job website, make use of hyperlinks for hiring managers to access or verify your credentials and affiliations. By this, you can already establish how organized you are. This is a step forward from the other applicants.  

Now you have a ready-made and well-crafted CV in a website, each time a job posting you are interested comes up, you just submit your application fast and easy. No need of filling up the form in a rush. Research shows those job seekers who practice this increased their chance up to 24% of getting hired in the job they want.  

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In submitting applications, be serious, and do not depend on luck. Although in reality, getting hired speaks the language of “chances are”, you need to ace that chance and make employers and hiring managers say “YES, YOU ARE HIRED.” 

As the digital age changes the trend in job searching and applicant screening, you need to adapt and make these practices into habits. Hiring managers sort and screen voluminous applications each day to narrow their list. That is why, once you saw the job that is right and fit for you, give your best shot and boost every aspect where you’ll have the chance to land an interview and eventually get hired. 

It is hard to be the best, but you can be the best. Prepare, practice, and think positive in every well-chosen job application. As they say, no hard work is left unnoticed, even online. Boost your chance. Apply smart. Get hired fast. 

Written by Ariane Negishi

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