High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Your Bedroom

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High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Your Bedroom

You’ve heard of this saying that there is no such thing as easy money, and, for sure, when you see online advertisements telling you can get rich quick with little effort, there will surely be a catch.

The catch would be that it’s a lie, and no, you won’t get rich quick from expending little effort yet not using your brain. However, there are many ways you can wake up in the morning, not even get dressed, and still earn a considerable amount.

Today, we will take a look at some of the best jobs you can do online.


Imagine when someone asks you what you do for a living, and you say “writer.” Does that mean you ought to be an investigative journalist or successful novelist? Or do you simply describe household products?

No person in this world is going to walk into the first two jobs mentioned. Those skills take years to hone, but simple product descriptions or some copywriting gigs are easy to find, and you can start making money now.

You will, of course, have to have some degree of skills, be reliable, and meet deadlines. Still, you don’t need to be Jonathan Franzen to write about washing machines or describing the downtown of a city.

As you start this kind of work, you might only be earning around $10 an hour. However, a skilled copywriter with a decent portfolio can make a lot of money. We are talking about $100 an hour.

You could begin your life as a copywriter by applying in online freelancing sites, but once you have some independent projects under your belt and have proved your worth, you can actually branch out. Just search remote writing work on Google, and you will see before you a lot of jobs.

Do not be put off by firms paying terrible wages. Take note that when you spend just peanuts, you inevitably get bad writers. But if you are good at this, trust us, you are sure to get hired.

There will be no more interviews for you because when companies are looking for writers, they choose you for what you have done, not who you are. You could be tapping that keyboard in your underwear and paying the bills in no time.

Software architect

So, what exactly is this job? We’ll let a job site explain it to you. The duties of a remote software architect would include designing core architecture, knowing product system requirements and architecture, and maintaining an architecture roadmap.

The concern with this job is you will need some university education in math and science. And if you ask around, you’ll find quite a few software architects that are self-taught. Believe it or not, lots of these folks work from home. Well, most of them do.

It is often contract work while some might find they will be working with the same company for a long time. When you look at remote work online, you can do right now can net you over $ 100,000 a year.

There is no office, no ties, and no getting told off for being late. The IT industry is so vast and will just get bigger. If ever you become an expert in this field, you can almost guarantee regular work.

Nurse practitioner

We bet you did not think this would be on the list, right? But we found out that you can also bring in over $ 100,000 a year if you do this job.

What exactly do they do?

This is the description given by FlexJobs. Licensed nurse practitioners can remotely provide medical and wellness education, triage and provide medical care, assist with care coordination, and diagnose and treat patients.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioners are in high demand right now. Even when starting out, you might get $ 50,000 a year.

You’ll need to have graduated from high school and then studied nursing. You will then have to get your registered nurse license and have one to two years of experience before you can practice it. Once you are qualified, you can then do this work remotely. We checked online and found a few jobs for these remote nurses.

Corporate counsel

Just as people need advice about their health, they also need legal advice. These days, not every person who provides such help has an office. FlexJobs tells us that these people can earn about $ 115,000 per year.

How do you get the job, though?

You will need a law degree in most states, and if you have specialized in corporate law, you’ll really be in demand. In the United States, you will also have to have passed the bar exam. You really don’t need an office, as you can talk to people using video chat or the phone. If you have seen the show Better Call Saul, you will know that Saul did not even need an office.

Here is this one description given of this job: Corporate counsels are considered to be lawyers working directly for a company or business. They are also known as in-house counselors. Instead of working for a variety of clients, they devote all their talents and energy to their employers.

Software engineer

If you are a software engineer, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be working with a company’s systems. You might be doing all manner of things. You will need to understand programming languages and need to stay on the ball concerning how they evolve.

It is highly encouraged that you go to university to become efficient in these languages. However, that is not always the case. Many of these people are self-taught, and these people don’t even have a degree.

If you are excellent and reliable, there is work for you. We are talking about a lot of work. As for how much you will earn, the sky could be the limit with this job. Search online for junior or senior developer positions, and you will find thousands of companies that would want to hire someone like you.

Some companies are even looking for what are sometimes called “digital nomads.” This way, you could do this work from home or a beach in Thailand. Believe us when we tell you to go to those beaches. When you’re there, you will find plenty of software engineers raking in the cash while sipping on their Pina Coladas.


Is there such a thing as remote pharmacists? The answer is yes. In fact, they can even pull in over $120,000 a month, according to FlexJobs.

Here is the description given of this work:

“The job of a licensed remote pharmacist includes ensuring authorizations, requiring the ability to review prescriptions, handling phone calls, and processing requests.”

You will have to get qualified and get a license. There was a job in Canada that required the applicant to have at least two years of experience in a pharmacy. That job paid 50 Canadian dollars an hour, which was about 38 American dollars an hour.

And if you check out the job site, Indeed, you can find a handful of jobs for licensed remote pharmacists. To be honest, we didn’t know there was a job like this, either. We also saw more remote jobs for those with doctoral degrees in pharmacy. The pay was over $ 150,000. Of course, getting to this stage is never an easy thing.

Aside from those mentioned, another job was remote processing of prescriptions. In this case, you could be comfortably sitting at home while giving out medicine. The job was only part-time, but we bet it is undoubtedly not that hard to do.

Selling stuff

Yes, you can just sell things online. We found one girl who bought secondhand luxury bags and then sold them on Facebook. She was making a killing.

We also found another woman who had done over a million dollars in sales on Facebook. Guess what her product was? It was cross-stitching. She was earning around $ 90,000 a month.

So, don’t underestimate how much you can make using that free platform. You must find a niche the same way as she did. After that, we suggest you create a page on Facebook with attractive photos

You will need to create a brand and continuously update that page. Once you are successful, you can start teaching other people how to do it.

It is no doubt that there are many people out there in the digital nomad world who have made some money. And with that, they want to teach others how to make money as well.

It may look like a virtual pyramid scheme, but some talented people can genuinely show you how to make some cash.

Data Scientist

This position is another tech job. However, it is quite different from the ones we have already mentioned. You will need to be intuitive to do this job because you will be looking at raw data. After that, you need to figure out what the data means.

You will have to be qualified in this line of work, and many data scientists need a master’s degree. Here is a job description we found:

“Found at the cross-section of both business and information technology, a data scientist is a professional with the ability to gather vast amounts of data to analyze the information into actionable plans for companies and organizations.”

We then went to GlassDoor to look for remote jobs and found quite a few. The pay was between 100,000 and 150,000 bucks a year, and you never have to leave your house.


That’s right. You can be an online doctor. It is what they call as telemedicine. Here, doctors consult with patients online and often give prescriptions for medicine.

If you follow the news about Amazon, it has recently started offering online medical care for some of its customers and staff. This is bound to blow up soon. By then, most consultations will be done online.

The issue for most people is that they will have to be a qualified physician. Such a process takes many years. We went to Indeed and found several remote telemedicine jobs. You can earn up to $ 200,000 a year.


Being a remote psychiatrist is also becoming a big thing. With reliable video apps, you can just sit at home and do your job. In fact, it’s quite common now. This is one description of the job:

“Responsibilities include meeting with patients as needed (typically via two-way video), writing treatment plans, practicing evaluative and diagnostic procedures, and guiding staff on medical protocols.”

Remote psychiatrists can be paid over $ 200,000 a year. Still, it would all depend on your experience and your client list. But if you have A-list celebs on that list, you can expect to be bringing in some big money.

To get a license, though, will take many years. On the other hand, another big thing these days is life-coaching, which isn’t the same with psychiatry. Still, a growing trend in online work is coaching other people via video apps.

The pay isn’t as much as in psychiatry, but at least you won’t have to get a psychiatry license. Many people have studied psychology though they pack their bags and travel the world while life-coaching other people online.

One thing we can say is that several people tend to think remote work is the best thing ever. With no real boss and loads of freedom, there is no doubt about that.

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