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High Paying Jobs For Job Seekers Who Hate Math

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High Paying Jobs For Job Seekers Who Hate Math

Mathematics must be the subject that gets the worst reputation among all the regular subjects at school. Dealing with numbers is not easy, it requires concentration and good logical thinking. Solving problems and memorizing formulas can be very dreadful.

However we deal with math in everything we do, so it is technically unavoidable. When looking for jobs, careers that involve heavy or advanced math pays well. This makes you think that you have less opportunity if you are not good at it.

Being good at basic math is okay, this can help you land jobs that pay well because not all high paying jobs require advanced knowledge in math.

Careers for People Who Are Bad at Math
If you dread math so much and you are worried about your future career, well here are jobs that offer handsome pay with less math to deal:

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

You can see them at hospitals and doctor’s clinics. Being a diagnostic medical sonographer performs ultrasonic recordings to patients to see their internal organs or also to monitor pregnancy which is common. You’ll get to learn things in the medical field and you only need basic math to do this job.

Fitness Instructor or Trainer

The Fitness world has always been a huge industry and this job pays well as you can teach numerous classes in a day. If you are a fitness buff, you can definitely create a career out of it or even create your own fitness empire. Again you can deal with basic math with this kind of job, plus you get to be healthy and fit.

Online English Teacher

From the name of the job itself, it is quite obvious that this requires the simplest mathematics. Online English teachers are in demand across the globe as a huge population is very much interested in learning the English language. This job can be very easy plus the pay if very good.

Content Writers

Content writing is also a job that pays well and does not need advanced math skills. Content writers earn a lot for creating contents online that drives traffic. They can be paid by the hour or per number of articles they create.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants or VA’s are technically secretaries or assistants you hire remotely to manage specific tasks for you. This includes email management, schedules, phone calls, and typical most office secretaries do. VA’s have options to work on short hours thus can insert another VA job in which they can earn thousands while not worrying about solving math problems.

Graphic Designer

In today’s age and technology, graphic designers earn huge amounts of money from freelance projects. They also make different figures if they take full-time and long term ones. With the rise of digital marketing, the need for good graphic designers has been huge, plus no advanced math skills required.

Video Editor

Video editors today mostly serve social media influencers. Famous vloggers on youtube like Jeffree Star, Lele Pons, James Charles, and more would most likely hire video editors to arrange their vlogs into proper visual content before uploading it on youtube. Editing is crucial for vlogging as this is the final cut, and the more traffic the more money for them, and doing the math for earnings is way fun.

Social Media Influencer

Some may not consider being a social media influencer a full-time job but their earning says otherwise. Being a social media influencer actually requires good marketing and self-branding skills. Some online influencers on media platforms like Instagram earn $5000 per post. The only numbers they have are concerned is their followers and gaining more

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