Handling Work From Home Burnout

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Handling Work From Home Burnout

Working from home seems like a dream for all workers. Working from the comfort of your own home has a lot of benefits plus you can definitely work comfortably wearing your PJs and not even worry about being late. 


The joys of work from home are now being enjoyed by everyone, a temporary set up became the new norm overnight as the pandemic changed our way of life forever. Initially, everyone expected a heavyweight to be lifted such as the office work burnout. In reality, burnout is not really just about the hammering pressure of office work, but it is a litany of physical and mental conditions, so working remotely is not exactly the dream set up. 

Even when you are working from home, burnouts can happen, which is surprisingly high when working from home. There are many reasons why you can experience burnout even if you are working from home. With this kind of setup you can experience often working extra hours as you do not spend time anymore commuting. You will tend to have this homey vibe wherein you will get used to just staying very sedentary which can breed a lot of health problems.


In order for you to counter and cure work from home burn out you must have an organized habit of your tasks for the day as well as simple practices to get you out from overworking. Today, we are going to help you counter work from home burnouts and enjoy the WFH set up with this simple steps:


  • Be Able to Disconnect

When having a work from home set up it is quite impossible for us to disconnect with our gadgets. Usually, when we go home we have some time to enjoy our social media time or gadget time which we cannot do in a regular office set up. This habit of not disconnecting can create burnout. Your gadgets enable you to access work easily hence, you must learn to disconnect once you are done with your work. Give time to read a book or meditate which can help you more.


  • Take A Creative Initiative

Having a space especially for work is essential to beating WFH burnout. Take a creative initiative to set up space in your home where you cannot be disturbed while doing your work and find inspiration to do your work. Oftentimes not having a space for work can lead to work burnouts as it can lead to disorganization and tasks not being done. Your office space at home need not be huge but the most important thing is to have a space that will make you comfortable.

  • A Supportive Environment

Home can be very comfortable because of course home is where your family and comfort zone is. However, this is not always the case. With working in an office you can simply focus with your work but at home, you might get entangled with your kids wanting something to eat or your neighbor fixing their roof. Working from home set up must have a supportive environment wherein you can focus and have less distraction. Discuss this with your family or roommates.


  • Communicate With Your Employers and Workmates

WFH can be lonesome and you may miss hanging out with your coworkers and doing things you can usually do with the regular office. While wfh, you can still do this, do not limit yourself to communicate with your employers and coworkers. Anything you need to raise or any concerns you may have at work you must communicate right away. This can help you counter wfh burnouts.


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