Hacks in Working at Home with a Toddler

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Hacks in Working at Home with a Toddler

Working from home sounds so relaxing until you realize that you have your toddler with you. Taking care of a toddler while working is a struggle for any parent because they have to exert an extra effort to get the work done. Hence, life hacks are well appreciated in these situations. 

In this article, Supreme Hiring will help employees who have children at home. We will give you life hacks on how to manage work without sacrificing your responsibility as a parent. 

Take the work schedule that works best for your family. 

For the past months, companies are giving parents an option to work at home. Since schools are into online classes and other parents are already into homeschooling, work from home is an advantage for some parents. They are able to work while they assist their children in school. However, our duty as parents does not have a schedule. It is a 24/7 duty, where kids could always call mommy and daddy for everything. Hence, before accepting the work from home option in work, look at your home schedule first because you need to choose the hours carefully. 

Since you are already at home for work and for parenting, choose the schedule where you can have both worlds. Example, if you have a toddler that wakes up at 8 in the morning, choose the afternoon for your work since in the morning you will be very busy taking care of your toddler. You need to consider this so that you can give your best in all you do. We cannot serve two masters at a time. Hence, finding a working schedule that works best for your family is a must. 

Assess your Hometeam

Your home team consists of all the people inside your home. For work from home to work with a toddler, you need to assess what all of you do, how long can you do it and if they can commit to it. Everything works well when there is teamwork. Although maybe you can do all the work and parenting at a time but surely it leads you to a burnout at the end of the week .Also, why would you do it all alone if you can do it together?

Ask each member what tasks they can do to help you. This could be looking out for the toddler while you work or maybe they can do the other chores for you so you can focus on your tasks too. Then, ask them how long they can do it for you so that you can budget your time as well. And lastly, come-up with a schedule to guide everyone. In these times, respect and teamwork is badly needed to make everything inconvenient, convenient for the whole family. 

Relax Screen Time Rules

Whether we like it or not, our kids are really into the technology. In the present, our kids love playing and watching TV, ipads, cellphones and computers. While the technology helps our kids learn things, everything that is too much can harm them, especially their eyes. Hence, we limit the screen time for the day. If before, you strictly allow them for 1-2 hours a day, now that you are working from home, you can relax the rules with the help of technology too. Gadgets are now equipped with a screen time option, where parents can set the apps they can use and how long they can use it. While your kids are having their screen time, you can focus on your work without worrying about them. 

Set-Up a Snack bar

Kids age 7 years old and below are like walking refrigerators. They are always asking for food any time of the day, it is like they never get full even after breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are working with them in the same place, they tend to call you from time to time for snacks and meals. The distraction loses your focus in your work and you end up running after the deadline in every last minute. In order to solve this, you can put up a snack or meal bar in a corner. This will not only keep you from distraction but this will also train your kids to be independent. Before your working time starts, tell your kids that their meals and drinks are ready in the snack bar and they can help themselves while you work. Moreover, if you have extra time, put labels on snacks and meals. Put the drinks in their respective tumblers so that when they are hungry, they would just go to the snack bar. Easy, they just grab and go!

Keep the Kids Busy

Activity stations are a good way of keeping your kids busy. Toddlers are very energetic, curious and adventurous. They always want to discover things and everything that is new to them. Before they wake up, ready their activity in the station. You can prepare play doh, rolling pin and cookie cutters or just leave glue, paper and scissors. Set-up the station in a corner where you can just see them from time to time. You can be creative in every activity as long as you hit your goal, keep your kid busy for a certain time like an hour or two. 

Mind your Productivity

The measure of productivity is not in the number of hours you spent for work but in the number of tasks you finished in hours. When you are working from home, time is fluid. You can spend a longer or shorter time on different tasks, depending on the complexity. And if you have a kid with you, productivity is greatly affected as working with kids is never that easy. Kids are clingy and they are selfish and that is natural. Thus, being productive is a struggle but it is manageable. You do not need a straight eight hours in a day to finish your tasks. You can only work an hour or two in a day or five hours or more as long as you finish your tasks for the day, then you are doing good. 

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