Get Hired by Creating a Standout Resume

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Get Hired by Creating a Standout Resume

Each time you look for a job, a resume is always asked. A resume is a document that sums up all of you in one piece. It is what hiring managers depend on, to know if you have all the qualifications for the job. Like any other thing, forms, and contents of a resume change according to trend each year.   

In each job posting, the average number of people applying for a certain entry-level job is 20-50. According to surveys, recruiters and hiring managers look at a resume around 2 sec, unless they find it interesting. With all these numbers and short span of attention, how will you stand-out above the rest?  

Of course, you need to be the best. To do that, as a general rule, your resume should be neat, updated, and easy to read. Is that enough? No, that is why you need to go over these pieces of resume advice 2020. We will help you ace the selection process and successfully capture the attention of the hiring managers despite the stack of applications online. Take a look at these 5 simple yet powerful tips to make your resume land you in an interview.   

 KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) 

Short and simple means a lot and this depends on the job you are applying for but as a general rule, keep it one page only.   


If you are applying as a designer, then come up with a unique and attractive layout where you can already give the hiring manager a very good impression of what you can do and learn what do hiring managers look for in a resume. Here are some examples of resume template for a graphic designer:   

More creative resumes from Pinterest  


You can choose your style, are you the minimalist or the dramatic? You can use two to three-tone designs or you can just explore the colors. What is important is at first glance, you can establish that you indeed can design.   

On the other side, if you are applying for a non-design job make your layout simple and use relevant graphics and bullet according to the job you are applying for. You can take a look at these resume for non-design jobs:   



More creative resumes from Pinterest  


These resumes are creative yet neat. White or plain spaces are clear and it is not overstuffed. It has only what the hiring manager needs to know. Save all the other information for the interview, just include the relevant details. Relevant details such as your personal information, experience, education, and skills connected to the job.   

A standout resume for designers: 

Highlight the Skills: Bold through numbers 

It is 2020; no one has the luxury of time to read paragraph-length text just to know the skills you have. Online resume format in 2020 is all about skills. Hiring managers are particular about what you can do for them. They do not have time for storytellings and unnecessary adjectives in your resume. They want direct information on what you can offer to them and if this qualifies you for the job. How will you do this?   

?Use bold letters to introduce your skill.   

?Put only the skills that match the qualification for the job.   

?Impress the hiring managers with numbers.   

?Highlight your skill level using percentage or rating to show how good you are at it.   

?Be precise yet specific as much as possible.   

You can do it like this:  

Quantify your Work Experiences 

The work experience section is one of the essential parts of your resume. Given the trend of how a resume looks like in 2020, hiring managers still prefer the old-style presentation of work experience, the reverse-chronological format. They would still love to see, what you just worked on before applying to them.   


This will help them know you better as they can evaluate what are skills that you already have and how long you can commit to a certain job, through the length of your stay in one job to another. To highlight your work experiences and add emphasis on it; makes sure to include these things:  

?In every work experience, highlight your main responsibility and best achievement. Do this in bullets or numbers, as long as not in paragraphs.   

?Include the specific skills in each experience that is needed for the job you are applying for.   

?Include the projects or exposures from past work that is relatable for the job.   

 Formal and Correct Content

Whatever style or design you come up in your resume make sure it stays formal and correct. Formality is not just black and white. Formality means it is appropriate and professional. With the touch of creativity, all contents should be correct. Creative resume in 2020 had common goals; it is to provide an overview of how professional and organize a candidate is. How would you do this?  

?Mind the format of your resume.   

?Make it easy to read, use formal and easy-to-read fonts.   

?Use proper margin, spacing, and proper use of small and capital letters.   

?Use correct grammar and spelling.   

?Compartmentalized efficiently. Separate contents in different sections.   

?Submit the PDF format to prevent formatting and compatibility issues when opened in other computers or software.   


Tips on what to write on your resume:  

 Use Resume Boosters

Resume boosters are other information about you that is highly considered by hiring managers. Aside from your personal information, educational background, and skill set, there are other details that matter to hiring managers for you to be deemed fit and perfect for the job. Resume boosters differ depending on the profession; hence you should be particular in choosing what to add in your resume.

For example, if you are applying as a computer programmer, software developer or cloud designer your resume boosters are your IT certifications from globally recognized institutions. If you are applying for a project manager, writer, or VA you can showcase your past projects through hyperlinks. If you are applying to social services, it is good to highlight your volunteer hours and other related experiences. Make sure that whatever you add will boost your resume.   

To do this, starting now, start:  

?Making a cloud or drive where all your certifications, sample works, and past projects are saved. So that each time you apply all you need to do is insert the hyperlink.   

?Have a backup and prepare to show proof to validate your certifications and works.   

?To increase the chance of getting hired, complete all the certifications needed first before passing an application.   

On a final note, your resume should be made seriously and should not be treated as an ordinary piece of document you submit in different companies. Your resume is a picture of who and what you are. We like it or not, we are judged in a glance. Thus, we should make that glance worth of its time. In a thousand applicants, be competitive enough to be included in the interview and get hired for the job. To do this, give your best in the first step. Start working on your professional yet creative resume. If you need someone to check it, do not hesitate. If you do not have one, there are lots of applications now that could check your work. Always be direct and delete unnecessary words for, in 2020, time is the essence. You should fit the job in one glance.  



Written by Ariane Negishi

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