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ENTJ Personality Ultimate Career Guide 

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ENTJ Personality Ultimate Career Guide 

ENTJ is for extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging personality. It is one of the sixteen (16) Myers-Briggs personality types. This personality theory describes ENTJ personalities as charismatic, energetic, and entrepreneurial.  According to this research, professionals with this personality are well-motivated and focused on a fast-paced workplace. These professionals prefer leadership and management positions, winning the trust of other professionals and high-level execution of tasks. They often call “The Commander” to easily identify a professional with ENTJ at the workplace. They are making bold moves and take control of any situation. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the best career. If you are one of the professionals with this personality, take a read and find out the best career for you. Know what jobs suit your personality and enjoy using your natural skills while achieving maximum satisfaction at work.  

ENTJ personalities love to lead than to follow. They always want challenges in the workplace that will motivate them. These professionals are self-driven, diligent, and hardworking, especially in structured jobs. We have here the top five (5) careers that will work best for ENTJ personalities.  


Auditing is a complex job. Being an auditor requires a high level of analyzing skills and if you have an ENTJ personality, this is the right challenge for you. Auditors handle voluminous financial documents, aligning figures and spotting discrepancies and fraud in statements. The primary skills needed for this job are reflected in ENTJ personalities as being an auditor needs focus and managing skills. As a self-starting ENTJ, auditing is a good catch to start.  




The healthcare workplace is a busy one, where almost all professionals are alert and focused 24/7 on what they do because they deal with life. The careers in healthcare suit the personality of ENTJs because their energy and work ethics is an edge in this area. Healthcare is a wide spectrum from being a nurse, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or an optometrist. The best healthcare professionals are ENTJ personalities since these career needs beyond office hours energy and keen observation of details.  




This is the literal ENTJ personality because being a project manager requires great leadership and management skills, not just with people but with the resources. Launching projects and other undertakings need a bold, tough, and creative leader or manager who can paint the big picture without compromising the small details. Project managers lead the pack and put things in their place. They assign the tasks to people, manage and check their outputs, and monitor the overall progress of the projects.  



A few of the advantages if you’re an ENTJ is your charisma and confidence. Not all professionals are gifted in this field. That is why the public speaking career is indeed for ENTJ because of its ability to deliver messages and build a relationship with an audience. These skills are natural to them compared to other personalities. Some of the careers to pursue in this field are being event speakers, public relations managers, motivational speakers, and masters of ceremony. They just do not lead but they can also persuade. 



Since ENTJ are outgoing and extraverted, they work best in jobs that require exposure and interaction with other people. If you are an ENTJ, the career in sales is waiting for you. Enjoy the vibe of connecting to people, build relationships work, and make sales. Being able to show other people how effective and worth-buying your product is a challenge and this is what an ENTJ wants.  

These top 5 career offers you a lot of jobs to choose from where an ENTJ like you can enjoy and excel. Career is a long term journey where your passion is. Hence, before building one, you need to know what is your personality to prevent changing paths, although changing paths at some point is not a bad thing. However, if you have the chance to start with the right foot forward then why not.  

On the side note, if you are an ENTJ and you do not see yourself in the aforementioned careers, then think twice too before you enter other careers. We also listed a few careers that do not fit for ENTJ. These are not wrong careers but if you are an ENTJ, study shows that these careers are not fulfilling. Jobs that involve clerical works, being a psychologist or assistant is not for you since these jobs do not match your energy, creativity, and leadership. These jobs are often repetitive and you are just told what you have to do, which is the opposite of an ENTJ. As we have mentioned ENTJs wants to make concrete solutions on concrete problems. Thus, jobs that require interpretation and management of intangible things like feelings and emotions do not work well with professionals that have an ENTJ personality.  

Career comes with passion because passion is the greatest form of motivation. If you love what you are doing, all the hardships and challenges along the way are accepted and worked out with an open heart. Compared to working in jobs you do because you do not have any choice or you have other motivation but does not make you happy. That is the reason behind personality tests and why it is a must before employment. You should place yourself where your natural skills belong. By this, you will not have a hard time or even waste time doing things you are not fit. When a professional is in the right career path, he makes things beyond expectation and that is how you build your career. The foundations of a strong and happy career are self-awareness and hard work. If you know professional personality better, you know what is right and good for your career.   

Jobs are everywhere all of these can be good startups for a career. This article is just a guide wishing to help you come up with better choices and better chances of building your career. If you know that you are professional with an ENTJ personality, we advise that you apply on jobs that you can use your natural skills and improve it as you push through. Find the right challenge that will make you a better and fulfilled professional. Do not underestimate the power of your passion and hard work on your professional journey because as they say, your struggles today are the greatest testimony of your success in the future. Hence, walk where your personality leads you and like ENTJs do, do everything boldly and beyond what you imagined. 

Written by Ariane Negishi

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