Easy Step by Step Craigslist Job Posting for Employers

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Easy Step by Step Craigslist Job Posting for Employers

Craigslist has been a popular online classified ad since 1995. The site is mainly devoted to placing ads for houses, items for sale, services, and jobs. Craigslist has now over 20 billion page views and millions of ads each month, which makes it one of the best platforms to post jobs for employers for free. One of Craigslist’s noticeable features is a simple interface and free placement ads for employers.

How to Post a Job on Craigslist

How to Create Job Advertisements Using Craigslist and Indeed to find Candidates!

If you are an employer looking for potential employees to get the job done, you can surely make use of Craigslist free placement ads. But if you want to try out the paid posting account which ranges from $ 7 to $75 you can get these features to manage your post better:

Tool management for your ads
A multi-user access for a single account
Pre-purchased Craigslist job ad
Online invoicing and payments

Set up your account

Getting started on that Craigslist job post is easy, whether you want the free or paid account, you have to create an account first. For a free job post, there is no need to create an account, however having an account enables you to modify, save the draft, and re-advertise your job post. Using your email address, set up your free or paid account right away. Once you have verified your email address can now proceed to the next step.

Select location and job category

After successfully setting up your account, select your location. Make sure that you choose the right location as Craigslist is an online global network. Once you have chosen the right location simply click the “create a posting” on the topmost left of the homepage.

After that you will be directed to the type of posting you want to create, choose “job offered” then you will get to select the categories for the job post.

Start building your Craigslist job ad

This third important step is filling out all the details about your job ad, i.e., job title, job location, and most importantly they write the best job description so that once job hunters search what are super easy jobs that pay well your job ad will become enticing and you will be receiving a lot of inquiries or applications. There are job description libraries online that you can refer to, and use any of their templates to come up with a catchy and attractive job description.

Contact details and other useful information

Leave your contact details for applicants to contact you directly such as email address, phone number, and location. Just choose among the most relevant contact details you want the applicants to see. Also, you can use Craigslist’s mail relay, all applicant response will be forwarded to your email address. The mail relay feature protects your email address from being spammed.

Finish your job ad with additional useful information, complete the posting details by choosing on the drop-down option if the job is full-time, part-time, and other things you want to specify. You can freely add images to make your job ad neat and professional, then click publish to post your job ad.

Get ready for applicants

Once you have done all the steps correctly, you will now receive interested applicant’s inquiries about your job post, it’s that easy! Craigslist is an amazing platform for a simple job posting as it is easy to manage and it only takes a few simple steps to create a job post anytime. You can freely explore more on the paid account feature as it might help you get more applicant inquiries, it is fairly cheap and a great investment to your hiring endeavors.

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