Discovering your Skill Set

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Discovering your Skill Set

The combination of one’s knowledge, abilities, and experience makes up a skill set. It is required to be hired in a specific job. In the present, the most in-demand skill set areas are in the field of computer technology, research, and planning, accountancy, human relations, and leadership. Your skillset is the combination of your hard and soft skills that fits the job description. 

All jobs share a certain soft skill but differ in hard skills. That is why you should know your skillset so that you will also know where you really fit when you apply. In this article, Supreme Hiring will help you surpass the challenges in applying for a job through online job board software. Supreme Hiring is an online job board software with a built-in CRM and ATS. These features instantly filter specifically researched jobs in a certain place or specifically searched skills, looking over a thousand emails in clicks. One of the best hacks to be easily searched or discovered by systems is putting the right keyword or skill set in the job or for the applicant you are looking for. 

Skill sets are not innate skills. These skills are acquired and developed in different ways. Hard skills or quantifiable and technical skills are usually earned through formal education and training. Hard skills are justified by degrees and certifications. On the other hand, soft skills are acquired and developed through experience. As we start working, we already have acquired skills, but it is not that refined yet. Hence, how do we find our skill set?

  1. Know what you really love to do. Perform a self-assessment and identity what you really enjoy doing. You can identify this by knowing what you feel each time you perform a task, especially in your past tasks. These are the tasks that do not feel like a burden to do. If you already know this, then by now, you can start researching jobs that highly require this certain skill. That is how you align your skillset with your job. With that, you will have a higher chance of getting hired in a job that you really love what you are doing. 



2. Take note of the tasks you are praised for. In the workplace, we really excel in certain tasks where we receive a compliment. If you are constantly receiving compliments each time you accomplish a particular task then that is confirmation that you are really good at it. Hence, be keen enough for every review and comment about your skill, whether it is a hard or soft skill. 

3.Evaluate your past jobs. When you already had two or three jobs before, check its job descriptions. Identify what are the common skills in those jobs. You can identify this faster using an assessment tool. There are many free tools in the net like O*NET OnLine’s Skill Search Tool or Skill Matcher. All you need to do is match and find. Know your skill ratings and your job matches. By knowing all these things, you can easily build your resume using the right keywords. Validate your skills and add them to your profile. Thus, before you look for a job, reflect and assess your skills using tools and for sure, you’ll hit the best job for you. 

A skill set is the knowledge, abilities, and experience needed to perform a job. 

  • Your skill set includes hard skills and soft skills. 
  • Employees use a range of skills in their work that they’ve acquired through experience and training. 
  • Employers are looking for combinations of hard and soft skills. 
  • You can learn more about the skills you have by reflecting on your work and using skill assessment tools. 


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