Businesses to Own in 2021

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Businesses to Own in 2021

As we move on together in 2021, we always look forward to the better. Better life, better economy and most of all better business opportunities. COVID-19 struck down almost half of the small businesses across the globe, even big Fortune 500 companies were greatly affected. In the moment, the business world has been very dynamic. Hence, we should look out for the trends for us to have a leverage in the business we are about to own. By now, I believe everyone has already learned a lot from 2020 and it is time to think forward. People of today always look for the aesthetic quality of a certain business. They are after innovation, convenience and value. 

If you are one of our business enthusiasts, who are still thinking about what business you should own in 2021, this article is for you. We have listed here the top 5 trending and high-profiting business in 2021. 


In person or online, good communication is key to success. So as in business, a good chatbox is a must. Different social media and even emailing systems have chat boxes, where users can directly converse with another, end to end. In business, chatbox is a very important tool as this is the channel to communicate with your customers, assist your clients and receive customer feedback. In 2021, start your business by developing a chatbox that is efficient enough to make business transactions convenient and hassle-free. This would require an expert level programming skill but if you do not have one, you can find a programmer and invest in his skills. 


AI or Artificial Intelligence is a rising star in 2021. Humans love the concept of customization, where everything is made just for you. The most popular custom content creation (AI) today is Netflix. With the use of consumer data and algorithms, they create a playlist of movies that a client would probably want to watch without searching for it. Custom Content creations make money once their client is hooked because they would always come back with a subscription or upgrade. IZEA also uses this method, using AI they help marketers create contents using algorithms. In 2021, you can have your  own software tool using AI. Choose what kind of convenience you want to share with the world. Right now, where everything is run by technology, an AI is a bit of human touch. 


E-Commerce is constantly flying high in the market since 2016 because a $450 billion growth is really an awesome number to consider. While before small businesses were struggling in competing with big companies like Amazon, the pandemic created a great opportunity for small businesses. The shift of commerce to almost fully online platforms is a great jumpstart for small businesses. They are now able to compete in good standing  by giving different services in a local setting. Most of them are engaged in shipping, storing and distributing products. The E-Commerce distribution platform is a good business to start with, aside that this is trending it is also suitable for a long-term business venture. 


Moving forward to the future also means getting closer to cyberspace. All our details are in the web, we celebrate in the web, we succeed in the web. However, we fail to realize that the more we do in the web, the more we are tangled in the wire which makes us vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. In 2020, more than 50 million identities were stolen in the recent Facebook breach. Thus, a reliable cybersecurity software is an in demand tool nowadays. Companies are now investing a good figure for a reliable personal cybersecurity software, where they can protect their data, business interest and of course, their real life. In this where everything could be hacked, many people are willing to pay for a premium in exchange for their peace of mind. 

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