Biggest Job Search Sites to Post your Resume

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Biggest Job Search Sites to Post your Resume

Have you been stuck in the same company for some time? Perhaps you need that highly-needed career change? Are you an expecting mom who prefers to work from home? Are you a fresh graduate who is just excited to get started with his career?

If it’s yes to one of those questions, then you are obviously looking for a job. Aside from firing up that rockstar CV, you ought to start finding the best job search sites to post a resume online.

This article shows a great list of job search sites where candidates can easily post their resumes online and can get a real job depending on what they are looking for. You get to learn where to put your resume to get the most bang for your buck and other job search techniques to maximize your chance of being found online.

These job search sites are the best way to do that in terms of maximizing your online visibility. So, these are the most prominent sites that recruiters use every day to search for resumes, find candidates, and reach out to them. If you want to be proactively found, these are the sites to post resume online to make your job search the most effective.


Of course, is one of the world’s best job search engines that has a giant resume database of millions of users. People who are looking for more staff can search these sites for resumes. If you take a look and do a search for sales while specifying your location, say Louisiana, all the resumes will then pop up. If a recruiter scans this list, they can contact that person by simply emailing them and then Indeed charges a dollar to email that job seeker.

As for recruiters, it becomes quite easy for them. This not only allows them to post jobs for free, but they can also import a number of resumes all at once from an existing applicant tracking system. However, as mentioned, there are charges if you’re the one looking for candidates. When it comes to the service level, whether your the direct employer or the recruiter, you may be asked to sponsor your job postings. Despite the free job posting opportunities, some of them may still require a fee.

As for the job seekers, they have nothing to worry about but only in getting that call for an interview. It is a secure, very efficient way of connecting with job seekers. Your contact information is not shown and Indeed hides that so they can charge recruiters on the other end. However, everybody goes to the public when it comes to resume visibility, so it’s very SEO friendly. This means that if you do a Google search about yourself, it’ll come up in one of the results. With that, it’s a great way to get your resume out there quickly.

Zip Recruiter

In Zip Recruiter, you can hear their ads on major radio stations, televisions, and commercials, and you have to go through the process to post your application for free as the commercial indicates. However, in just a matter of days, they get to have a large pool of candidates because of their broad reach. This could mean tougher competition for you.

They have a job distribution engine for employers, but they have a great job board as well. They have a matching engine in there that helps employers type in keywords and get emails with your resumes. So, it’s still a great place to post your resume.

Supreme Hiring

Supreme Hiring is anticipated to be one of the fastest-growing job hosting platforms in 2020. If you’re looking for a new career, give our platform a shot. Plus it’s entirely free for job seekers and it’s updated to focus on having only active listings on the site because we know your time is valuable.


Some of these other sites are a little bit more focused on the niche. Learn4Good is an excellent example of a niche job search engine where recruiters can post their jobs for free. This website gives these recruiters 20 credits for every new account, which is about 20 job postings in six months. If you have skills for a specific niche, this is one of the ideal sites to post a resume online.


In Flexjobs, they allow recruiters to post their jobs for flexible job opportunities. This could mean more options for you which include part-time jobs, work from home opportunities, and full-time positions. If working in flexible hours with either an unconventional or traditional work set-up is the job you’re looking for, post your resume on Flexjobs. They have anything that requires more of a flexible employment option that could be a great choice for you.


This website is another must-have for your job search. There are about 100 million people on LinkedIn in the U.S. which means there’s still plenty of room to grow. Well, not everyone is exactly on there, and there are still plenty of people who haven’t been on LinkedIn.

In terms of creating a profile, you have to step up your profile-making game if you want to be found. Every recruiter uses LinkedIn every day to search profiles. You can’t win if you don’t play. So, put your profile on LinkedIn to be found. Make sure to look professional. Bring out that photo of you in a suit or blazer. Highlight all your relevant experience and include those companies you have been with previously. It pays to put some relevant keywords on your description or short bio as well.

The Ladders

Actually, The Ladders is another excellent tool. A lot of people may not have noticed, but it has been around for a number of years. There’s a free membership, so you do not need to pay. You should definitely put your resume on there because it’s still a viable tool for recruiters out there to search resumes.


This website is where you would want to also post your resume. By being one of the world’s long time job boards, nothing can go wrong by posting your resume on there as well. It could even boost your chances of getting noticed by recruiters lurking in that site.


This is one of the world’s top job search sites. There are millions of resumes in there. However, you shouldn’t be worried about the competition. By being in a popular job search engine like, you can upload your resume as well as directly apply in every position you can come across online.


If you’re a techie, you would definitely want to have your resume on It is the top niche site for tech jobs around the world, so it’s a great place to be browsing there if you have an interest or relevant experience in the technical field.


This is not as well known as the other sites, but it is something you should be using in terms of posting your resume. As part of your everyday job search, Craigslist can pinpoint careers based on their locations. Whichever city you’re in or where you want to work in, go onto the Craigslist page right ahead. For example, you’re from Birmingham, Alabama, and along with other resumes, your resume is about to be found based on your location. Just make sure you use a nice keyword-rich headline so a keyword search can find your resume.


What is Google for jobs? A lot of you have seen in search results like, for example, sales jobs, and it’s going to show your search location. It will then pull up the most credible jobs from different sources. This is Google’s artificial intelligence. They’re scrubbing all the various job postings on all the major job boards, and they’re populating the three most common or most relevant jobs to what they feel like you might be searching for. This is a great way to get free job inclusion, so a lot of applicant tracking systems actually submits your resume to Google for jobs.

In conclusion, there are many new job boards for almost every industry ⁠— marketing, advertising, manufacturing, technology, you name it! ⁠— and there are even five to ten job boards for every niche. You might want to check out the relevant job search sites to your niche and might as well upload your resume there.

There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile when it comes to posting your resume online. The entire digital world will be your competition. Nonetheless, what really matters is presenting yourself as a potential asset that any job or company would need.

Also, even though you’re posting your resume almost everywhere, you still need to post in the smartest way possible. That means you follow a strategy. You check what a job or company needs and highlight the qualities you think are the ones they’re looking for. That way, it will give you higher chances of not only getting noticed but also in getting hired.

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