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Best Video Interview Platforms for Employers  

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Best Video Interview Platforms for Employers  


With social distancing as the new norm this year, employers must reflect on safe and convenient ways to conduct interviews. COVID-19 has changed the world works today, and as more and more business shift to remote work, hiring qualified candidates are made possible by video interviewing platforms available in the market.   

Face to face interview has now become the traditional way of screening candidates, with almost majority of the world working remotely, the rise of the video interviewing software has helped employers and recruiters conduct safe, convenient, and cost-effective way of screening candidates. The question now for employers like you who are still thriving despite the worldwide health crisis, is what would be the best video interviewing software? In this post, we will be sharing the best platforms your company can use. Our goal in this article is to help you choose the best platform for your business and how this can make your hiring process easier and faster.   


What is a video interview platform?  

A video interview platform is a software where it enables employers to conduct interviews virtually using the software. You can conduct all the things that you would normally do on a face to face interview, it’s just that you can do it remotely. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are using various video interview platforms to conduct virtual interviews most especially companies that hire remote workers. As we face a health crisis that requires us to practice social distancing and other safety protocols, these platforms make recruitment safer and way faster.   


Best Video Interview Platforms in The Market  

These platforms enable interviews to happen, anywhere, anytime. When you go to the best job posting sites for employers, you may see numerous job post describing that it will be a virtual interview, and candidates will just click on the link to start the interview process. These platforms are also very convenient for candidates hence here are the best ones in the market:  


Spark Hire  

This video interviewing platform fits companies of all sizes. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, Spark Hire can be the platform you can use to conduct virtual interviews. Spark Hire has over 6,000 organizations using their platform, like Ikea, Volkswagen, Bae Systems, and more. This platform is employer-friendly and is equipped with an analytics tool that can help you track everything from interview completion rates, acceptance, rejections, breakdowns, in a glance interface. If you like to have a functional and effective analytics dashboard focusing on data-driven results, then Spark Hire is for you.   

Check out and this tutorial video:  


Today’s mobile technology enables us to do everything on our smartphone, and for employers, you can do this using HireVue. If you want to make virtual interviews more convenient and accessible for your candidates, you can go mobile with HireVue. This platform can record responses from candidates using their smartphones and tablets. You can tap into a wide range of candidates and have the advantage of conducting interviews in the palm of their hands.   

Want to know more? Visit and watch this video:  



If you are looking for a seamless and easy platform that has a built-in ATS (Applicant Tracking System), then JobVite can be the platform for you. Most problems with video interviewing platforms are that they do not integrate with the employer’s or recruiter’s internal hiring software since most of them are created by third-party vendors. With JobVite having an ATS that has a built-in video interviewing feature. This platform is a total package, so if you want a platform that gels well with your current software, JobVite is for you.   

Learn more about by visiting their site JobVite and watching this video:



RIVS dubs itself as a “Digital Interview” platform as it has amazing video interviewing capabilities compared to other video interviewing software available in the market. What makes RIVS unique is that aside from the video interviewing features like pre-recording, live interviews, it also supports written and pre-recorded voice interviews. Most employers would have the candidates send a short voice clip which they can do separately, but with RIVS, you can do all this in their platform.   

Discover how you can grab top tier candidates using RIVS  


If you are gearing toward an innovative and amazing candidate experience during virtual interviews, we highly suggest Montage. Part of successfully hiring top candidates is giving a great candidate experience during the interview process until welcoming them onboard. Giving candidates the flexibility and control over the whole hiring process. Giving support to your candidates can impact greatly when it comes to choosing the best employer. Using Montage reflects the kind of work culture and company you will be for candidates. 98% of candidates have responded positively to employers using Montage was innovative and they look forward to working with the company.   

See how Montage works in this informative video:  




With traditional face to face interview, usually, employers and recruiters can do have 20 or more candidates waiting for screening, so how can video interviewing platforms do this? If you are looking for a platform that can hold a panel-style interview up to 20 participants you can use InterviewStream. Aside from one-on-one video chats, InterviewStream is also made for students and jobseekers to improve and practice their video interviewing skills. This platform is great for schools, universities, career training, coaches, and counselors, and any training & development focused companies or organizations.   

See what InterviewStream can do for your organization and watch this quick video:  




If you are all about customizing video interviewing capabilities to fit your hiring needs and process, then you might want to look at VidCruiter. This platform will allow you to go in depths when it comes to providing great candidate experience by allowing them to be lax or take all the time they need. If you want to test and put a little bit of pressure, you can do that too. With VidCruiter you can take control of your hiring process every step of the way.   

See how you can take control of your hiring process with VidCruiter 

Are these video interviewing platforms for free?  

The video interviewing platforms we have mentioned above are all paid platforms and have different packages and pricing that can fit your virtual hiring needs. Some platforms may have free features and trials you can use before buying subscribing to the platform. Paid video interviewing platforms have impeccable features that are worth investing in. However, you can use these free video interviewing platforms which employers and recruiters are frequently using to conduct virtual interviews:  


Skype is very popular and one of the oldest video conferencing platforms. Skype has been in the business for 15 years. This app is free to use and you can conduct your video conferences and even virtual interviews anytime anywhere, plus this Skype has received high rates from users. You can use Skype on all devices and it is very easy to use.  


Similar to Skype, Zoom is a very popular video conferencing platform used today by many companies. Zoom can be used for any kind of device; it has a basic package that allows you to use the platform for free for 40 minutes with more than 3 participants.   

Google Hangouts  

Another video conferencing tool available for G Suite users is Google Hangouts. For meetings and virtual interviews, you can use advanced Hangout Meet video conferencing. Google is offering free access to G Suite users until July 1 due to coronavirus.   





Written by Ariane Negishi

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