Best Tools for Monitoring Remote Workers

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Best Tools for Monitoring Remote Workers

The remote working trend grew overnight during the pandemic however the demand for remote hiring and working tools has boomed as well. Keeping your employees in line onsite is already hard. What more when you start transitioning to remote working? Monitoring employee progress is tad easy onsite as you have your supervisor to keep an eye out for employees who are slacking off or it is easy to resolve problems and help your workers as you can reach them at an arm’s length.

With remote working, this can be a challenge and it might take a while for the team to get used to these kinds of hurdles and change of communicating. Hence, the tools for monitoring progress and hiring online has helped employers counter these challenges. With the help of the ever-changing technology and the internet, it enabled everybody to easily eliminate these challenges and ace the new normal and remote work easily. 

Based on our research, these tools are the most essential ones you should have to keep your employee’s progress monitored any time of the day. Let’s check out these cool tools:


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Project Management Tool

Do you want to monitor if certain tasks are done or should you let your employees know if it’s a high or low priority? Then get the CRM or Project Management Tools now. These are tools that make your life and your workers easier. CRM stands for customer relationship management tool which can be also of benefit to your clients. This can streamline your remote workers’ tasks and you are able to monitor real-time all of the progress made. CRM solutions are mostly cloud-based and you can access this anytime anywhere. Try these free CRM and project management tools:


  • ZOHO



This tool is specifically for HR use, with remote work, log in details are important, not only for payroll but for monitoring time rendered by your employee. Work from home setups can still bring burnout to employees as they tend to have a lot of distractions working from home. Now Time Doctor is a very popular time monitoring tool, not also to help worked render but monitoring if your employees are doing extra time which can affect the overall wellness and health. 

Online Drives

With remote working, expect that everything will be communicated and sent online. In order for your team to get organized and save the files for specific persons to see, online drives are your ally. Online file savings drives are safe as you can set permissions within the group or restrict access to employees only. These tools are mostly free and one good online driver almost everybody uses is Google Drive, aside from that here are some amazing online drives you can use:

  • pCLOUD
  • MEGA


Well, everybody, today uses instant messaging apps or tools, like messenger, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Viber, and more however having a messaging app to be used entirely for work is good as well so you can all save yourself from personal bloopers. Instant messaging tools allow your remote workers to maintain communication and create meaningful work conversations even if they all have not met in person. Check out these amazing tools now:

  • Slack
  • Troop Messenger
  • Spark
  • Google Hangouts


Video Conferencing

This might not come as a surprise to you as you might have seen 2020’s funny ZOOM Conference bloopers, even so with these little video blunders, video conferencing tools are great to help to maintaining communication with your workers. Meetings are more efficient and working remotely can still be fun with these video conferencing tools:

  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
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