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Best Aviation Career Job Search Websites for Pilots

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Best Aviation Career Job Search Websites for Pilots

The aviation industry may be quite a niche but over the years it has grown substantially as more people enjoy traveling across the globe. This growth in the aviation industry means there are more careers in aviation especially for pilots.

The demand for pilots increases as most experts have predicted that in the coming years, the aviation industry will have a shortage of experienced pilots. If you desire to be a part of the aviation industry and you have dreams of being a pilot, now is the time to check on the best job search sites for you:

How to get a Pilot Job – First Pilot Job has been in the business since 1988. They are the leading job search site for airline and aviation jobs. The site is complete with job search for pilots, articles on aviation careers, search for aviation school, and career guidance for job seekers aiming to have a professional career in the aviation industry. provides payment plans for different services specifically for job seekers and students.

This site also requires monthly or annual charges for job searching. is known for its variety of job postings for low-time and high-time pilots looking for a global career and also in cargo operations.

FAA Jobs

If you are looking to move from your regular pilot flying responsibilities, the FAA Jobs is the site for you. FAA Jobs hire pilots responsible for inspecting the airways, spearheads testing, identifying terminal problems, and procedures. Also, they mainly hire pilots to create and impose rules while managing and inspecting operations as well.

Aviation Week

Aviation Week is not only one of the best job search sites but it is also a digital magazine that reaches over 185 countries which means their job boards are filled with international career openings for pilots. You can also find at this site jobs as defense pilot, government-contracted jobs at large aviation companies like Boeing and the military. Plus you can also get a few corporate and flight instructor jobs on this job search site.

If you are a military veteran and still looking to pursue that career in aviation, you can easily get them at They have a huge job board containing careers for test pilots, military veterans, and exciting non-pilot careers as well.

These sites will help you in your future aviation career endeavors. You can also try other resources to get a good match in the aviation industry or you can go ahead and visit these sites online and find the best pilot and non-pilot jobs.

While we’re newer to the game, our employer list will keep growing, so we recommend checking back every so often to check for new Aviation careers on our platform.

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