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7 Job Searching Expectations During COVID-19

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7 Job Searching Expectations During COVID-19
The past 8 months have been tough for everyone and it seems that our fight with COVID-19 is not going to end yet. As we have approached “new normal” practices, what does this mean for job seekers like you? What are the things that you should expect or the changes it has brought to some industries, and how can you move forward with your job hunting?  

There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to job hunting during a pandemic, companies were forced to lay off their employees temporarily until they can find solutions to have the workforce report in a virtual set-up. Yet, for the past months’ things have turned around for many businesses and they have worked their way to adapt to a new work set up. More and more companies are now gearing towards compressed workweek schedule, 50% onsite – 50% work from home, or hiring remote workers. This only means that companies would still be hiring despite the pandemic, but there will be changes.   

What are these changes? What are some expectations you need to set when job hunting during COVID-19? Or what are super easy jobs to get during a pandemic? These are some of the questions that jobseekers are constantly asking themselves right now. This is a tough time and it may result to having a few setbacks when it comes to building your career and getting your dream job, that is why on this blog we will share to you some tips and to know what to expect when you slide into the new normal of job hunting.  



1. Expect for jobs to be put on hold  

As companies are slowly getting the workforce back, you might expect some jobs to be put on hold. Positions that may not be essential for the company or may not be urgent may be removed from the job boards and human resources may inform you that they have stopped accepting candidates for the post. This may be for a moment, as companies may have a tight budget right now for another head on the payroll or they are still deciding whether they can have this job offsite. However, this does not mean that you should give up your search and inquiries if the job post may open any time as there is a huge possibility that it will.   

? Tip: Jobs that are on hold are not entirely a lost cause, you can ask the HR if you can pass your resume for their reference. They may not always disclose the reason why but you can always leave your CV and once they open the job for candidates you will have the advantage to be considered first, or they may have other job openings soon that might meet your qualifications, sending a copy of your CV can be a very good way to get a job.  


2. Remote jobs can be your best option  

Right now, working in nice office spaces may be quite dangerous for your health as our governments have urged us to minimize foot traffic and practice social distancing, you might want to consider looking for remote jobs and expect that hiring offsite may be less. As companies today have made safe work arrangements for their employees, having them work from home is the best option. Expect a huge need for jobs that can be done at the comfort of your home, in the meantime, you can still land jobs without leaving your home and be safe.  

? Tip: A work from home (WFH) or remote set up can be very convenient, especially during a pandemic. The best thing to do now is to prepare a WFH set up, have your computer or laptop ready, a stable internet connection for zoom meetings, and working online, also have space wherein you can work comfortably so you can focus and finish your tasks on time.   


3. There will be more part-time jobs than full-time jobs  

 During this pandemic, we can expect that full-time jobs may take a back seat, and employers will most likely post jobs that can be done at home 20 hours less per week. This may seem like a setback but, this is expected during this time. On the brighter side, you can still earn part-time jobs, there are part-time jobs that may require you to work for a short period but you can earn a lot. With having a part-time job, you might expect to jump from one to another and some of the part-time jobs can be done at home.   

Tip: If you happen to get a part-time job whether it will require you to work at home or report onsite, treat the job with professionalism and hard work, as you might be hired full time if the company sees that you are working well, if not they will always keep you on their file and hire you again when the need arises. Plus, with part-time jobs, you can always have it on the side and do another one.   


 4. Stay in touch with your previous employers  

 If you happen to have been laid off or temporarily furloughed by your company, the best thing to do is to stay in touch. The pandemic brings so much uncertainty for many businesses and you might want to keep open communication with them, if you happen to do some job hunting, let them know, and discuss your expectations. Letting your employers know your plans will be a good way to keep a professional relationship and that they can always update you in case your company will be operating again.   

? Tip: Setting expectations is good for both employers and job seekers, staying in touch with them means you are open for other opportunities to fill your financial needs as of the moment but you will always prioritize them when they decide to have you back. Companies will understand that you might work for another company right now and if you happen to have no luck, by the time they operate again, you will get your old job post back.   


5. Networking online will be the new thing  

 More and more people will be staying at home, hence, expect to find a lot of job opportunities online. Part of the new normal when it comes to job hunting, networking online may boost your chances to get noticed by employers and get hired right away. Jobseekers today have actively updated their resume and have created profiles online on popular job boards. Connecting with the company you are eyeing to apply for is a good strategy to find out if they are actively looking for candidates.  

? Tip: Networking online is easy and the first thing you need to do is to sign up on business social networking sites like LinkedIn, or if you happen to have one, make sure your profile is updated and you have updated your skills and job experience. Employers will be actively searching for you on LinkedIn and other job sites so, you must have a presentable and attractive profile. Schedule a time to add some networks and see if their company is looking for candidates.   


 6. Expect virtual interviews  

Since most companies have shifted to virtual working options, hence hiring and setting up interviews will be done virtually. You might have seen a lot online about Skype or Zoom interviews, thus, you should be prepared and be comfortable with the idea of having interviews done while you are in your home. This can be uncomfortable at first as you might stumble with some technical difficulties, so have a stable connection and prepare a nice space with good lighting so you can still be presentable while having a virtual interview.   

? Tip: Treat virtual interviews the same as you are having an onsite interview, follow the dress code, be on time, and look presentable. With virtual interviews, expect that it can be done any time of the day so you might want to set a space wherein you can do your virtual interviews with proper lighting or look at some tips online and YouTube videos on how to convert your space to have a nice background for virtual interviews.  



7. You might feel frustrated, anxious, and stressed  

 Uncertainty during this period will make you feel frustrated, anxious, and stressed. You must know that it is fully okay to have these kinds of feelings and that you must not be too hard on yourself if you are not getting hired right away. Also, isolation can be hard, and a sudden break from our normal routine might cause mental health issues. It is important that we slowly adapt to the new normal as we still are uncertain when this pandemic is going to end, and when it comes to job hunting, we must continue to weigh our options and grab the opportunity right away.   

? Tip: During the pandemic, you may succumb to depression, anxiety, and stress, and the best thing to do is to overcome these feelings by training your mind to overcome hard situations. This applies not just for job seekers but for everyone as well. Train your mind to be strong by staying productive, read a book, exercise, or meditate. Turn all your energy into something productive rather than worrying. Talk to your friends and family, and communicate with them constantly, allowing yourself to express what you feel can help you eliminate the negative thoughts.  

 COVID-19 has put a strain on our economy, but what’s important now is to focus on the things that we can control. There are still plenty of job opportunities out there and all you need to do is adapt to the changes, as Albert Einstein said: “in the middle of difficulty, there is an opportunity”.   





Written by Ariane Negishi

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