5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Job Tracking Software

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5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Job Tracking Software

Companies and businesses today, no matter how big or small, want to have a fast and efficient recruitment system. They aspire for leverage in having a job recruitment software that will help them find and select the best candidate in the pool. Supreme Hiring is the best online job board software that has built-in applicant tracking software and CRM software. In this article, we will give you an idea of the things to consider and what to look for in job tracking software. This will not only help your recruitment process but your business interest as a whole.  

  • Find the one that fits your business needs.


Every job board software has its own pros and cons for every user. It is not a one-program that fits all. Hence, you need to determine first what your business needs because small to medium businesses do not have the same needs as big companies. After you identify your business needs this is the time you choose the recruitment software that will match your business. Specify recruitment requirements so that the job board software will be customized and can efficiently improve your resume search. 

  • Choose the software that promotes collaboration.

The whole recruitment process is a team effort.  For job posting, resume search, interview and scheduling will be fast and efficient, a good hiring software should have collaboration features. Collaboration features allow online job posting sites to be accessible in different devices anytime. Especially now that almost all of us are remotely working at home, access is important. Supreme Hiring is the best recruitment software in terms of accessibility. You can access it on different devices simultaneously. The recruitment can do their jobs, all in the same time without a problem of access. 

  • Pick out a recruitment software that boosts user experience

An effective recruitment software provides a user-friendly interface for both the candidates and the hiring team. The entire administrative tasks in the recruitment process is almost done by the entire system. Hence, we can say that the job board software is good when it smoothly provides the repetitive tasks like, streamlining, posting and short listing of jobs for a certain company. On the other side, it simplifies the process of finding and matching jobs for candidates. Put in mind that the software where employers are posting the job offers online are also a representation of their institution. That is why, a user-friendly applicant tracking software is a must because experience creates impression and eventually, brand. 

  • Search for an ATS that integrates Social Media Recruiting

Social media is undeniably the fastest network where you can inform everyone that your company is hiring and that you are in need of brilliant talents. We have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are few of the best tools for online job posting, sourcing and promoting your company’s brand. Seamless social media integration is one of the excellent features of a good job tracking software. 

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great tools for sourcing talent, particularly those who aren’t actively looking for a new job. A good recruiting system is one that seamlessly integrates with social media and allows you to leverage the recruiting power of social networks within a single platform.

  • Performs Powerful Searches

Online job boards and social media can lead to huge applicant pools. A good recruiting system is needed to quickly and accurately parse resumés by keywords to sift out the top candidates. When choosing your modern applicant recruiting system, consider the power and speed of the system’s search engine, the ease of its use, and how it displays the search results. Look for the system that displays results logically in a way that your team can quickly understand and apply.



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