5 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

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5 Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the newest marketing tools in 2021. It is highly in demand nowadays since it uses social media as a platform for marketing. As we all know, social media is the best avenue to feed information, considering its users, connectivity, and other features that make advertising convenient and efficient. 

Social Media is not just about sharing stories, tweeting reactions, and posting photos. It is also a remarkable platform where companies can build their brand, engage with their audience and increase their sales. All of these things are possible with social media if of course, you are publishing quality and engaging content and you have good social media managers

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a few of the major social media platforms that you can use for free or with a fee to start your campaign. In order to make the best out of these platforms, social media management tools are also available to achieve the highest potential in any campaign. 

Supreme Hiring is a fast-growing online job board software. It has built-in ATS and CRM software. We aim to help employers and candidates find their way to each other. We are offering the best venue to look for jobs and candidates in different fields. In line with this, let us explore the world of social media marketing as one of the newest tools to improve any kind of business. In this article, we will discuss the steps to successful social media marketing. Like any other tool, social media marketing has different stages. Skipping one or two stages or taking shortcuts could work but it does not guarantee success. Hence, Supreme Hiring recommends you to follow these steps and make the most out of them to ensure successful social media marketing. 

At a glance, the steps to successful social media marketing are as follows:

  1. Strategy
  2. Publishing
  3. Engagement
  4. Analytics
  5. Advertising


Before you decide to make a campaign using social media, you need to look at the bigger picture and make a strategy. First, list down your goals and what are the things you want to achieve in using social media. Most companies use social media to promote products and increase their brand awareness while other companies make use of social media to drive website traffic and earn through pay-per-click. If you already pinpoint your goal, next identify your focus. Giant social media platforms have different features.  Thus, we advise that you focus on one social media platform at a time. To know where to focus, you need to know what you will share. Is it more of a text, video, or photo? Identifying your future content is important so that you can mix and match it well. For example, if you are planning to focus on posting photos, Instagram would be the best since Instagram is a photo-based platform, and likes are sent in the form of “hearts”. 


As of 2021, almost 3 billion people are using social media all over the world. With this number, this is your chance to show the world what you’ve got. Build the integrity of your brand through different social media platforms. When you are done with your content in form of a video or article, publish simultaneously. Social media users are always after new and fresh content. Ergo, create your content ahead of time so that you can publish it daily or weekly. Keep your account active and make your audience excited about what you will be posting next. You can start posting teasers, days before publishing the main and full version of your content. Timing and frequency in publishing your content is the key to keep your audience and attract more. 


The engagement stage is the most crucial stage since this is the time that there are already actual conversations. From these conversations, influence starts and growth is just a click away. Users will start commenting and tagging their friends, and it is very important to have meaningful engagement with your viewers and subscribers. Another form of engagement is giving giveaways in exchange for tags, reacts and shares. You can also try the use of hashtags, especially on Twitter. Let your brand be known, get discovered with unique hashtags.  Grow your page by letting them subscribe, like, and share your posts. 


By now, you already have a set of audience and how they react. Analytics is the mechanism of knowing how your social media marketing is doing. In order to improve your content and validate your strategy, you need to analyze. How many likes did you reach? Did you achieve your quota for likes and shares? Are the comments positive or negative? Doing in-depth analytics from time to time is a commendable practice to make sure that you are not wasting time and resources. Monitoring how your social media campaign would go will soon reveal the pattern, likes and dislikes, and reactions of your audience. Read between the lines and always compare across different social media platforms so that you’ll know what works best for your brand.


Funding is a crucial part of advertising, whether in social media or other web pages you wish to advertise and promote. In social media advertising, the return of investment is higher and earlier if it exceeded your usual reach. This means that your ads are reaching other areas, aside from your target audience. They call it “trending”. When you are trending on any social media platform, it means you are discovered and noticed outside your followers.

This widens your connection and it hits your target. This is the reason why campaigns should be planned very well because once you start promoting, you always need to keep the audience you already captured. You can only do this when you have fresh and quality content. Social media is not just a channel but an optimizer to any business and brand. Hence, make every post worth reading, liking, and sharing. Keep your audience, level-up your content, and grow your business the best way ever.

For beginners, you can take a look at this video, and start making your own campaign:


The key to success is not always easy. The dynamic world of business is in need of fresh and new solutions and social media marketing is one of them. Planning and preparing everything before starting this kind of campaign is a must. Shortcuts could be good but not in this kind of campaign, where results are only achieved through long-term solutions and efforts. 



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