3 Simple Tips in Managing Two Jobs

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3 Simple Tips in Managing Two Jobs

Working full-time is already exhausting, so how much more if you have two jobs? As much as you want to chill and relax, we have so many goals in life. Hence, we want to earn and save more by having a second job. There are short and long-term solutions to manage your jobs. 

Today, Supreme Hiring will give you three simple tips on how to manage your two jobs. Two jobs are naturally draining since you can’t have long breaks. You always have something to do even if you just finished the other. Taking two jobs will definitely change your life as you need to make use of your 24 hours daily for these jobs, not to mention your different life roles. Hence, take time to read and follow these three simple tips. Take charge of your time and your life even if you have two jobs. 


Tip No. 1: Commit only to a second job that fits in your life as a whole. 

There are a lot of things to consider when you commit to have a second job. You need to consider the time you can allot for it, the skills you have to do it and of course if the earnings are worth it for the level of difficulty. Your second job should not cost you your full-time job, your quality time with family and your progress in your career. 

For example, if your full-time job requires you to render eight hours a day, do not commit for a second job that asks you for the same hours because remember you only have 24 hours a day. If this is the case, find a second job where you can earn on an hourly basis like tutoring. You can also try freelancing, where you are paid by results or by piece-work and there is no definite daily time in and out. 

Tip No. 2: Strictly Obey your Schedule

Scheduling is a very simple task yet so hard to follow. When you do not respect your schedule, everything will be tangled up. There will be suffering areas not just in your work but also in your life. You will not just get burnout with the hassle of having two jobs but you would also need to deal with your nagging family because they can no longer spend quality time with you. 

Schedule everything, from waking up, your house chores, family obligations and working schedule for the two jobs. Faithfully follow your schedule and do not sacrifice other things just for the other, if it is not necessary. Life is not just about work and making money. Life is about making memories when you spend your hard-earned money with the people you love. 

Tip No. 3: Take care of yourself always. 

Health is wealth. Our mind and body is our main capital in earning money. Thus, do not take extra hours on working if it is not needed. In the workplace, tasks are never ending and you do not need to finish all tasks in a day. Remember that all of us always have tomorrow to continue it. Do not work yourself to death. When you have two jobs, regular meals, enough sleep and downtime is a must. Do not feel guilty for meditating 10 minutes in a day or sleeping eight hours a day because it is a need. Your mind and body won’t function well if you are sleepy, hungry or burnout. 

Taking pauses in between tasks are recommended. It will not only regain your energy but it will also improve your focus. Life and work balance is not an option. It is a mandatory way of living. Too much of everything is harmful. 


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