3 Don’ts for every Job Seeker

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3 Don’ts for every Job Seeker

DON’T apply to different jobs in the same company

Free recruitment softwares reveals to the recruiters all your submissions in their company. Applying for every job opening in the same company is not a good practice. This leaves a bad impression on your part, since this means that you lack self-awareness. Applying in different departments confuses the recruiter on your interests and abilities. Although you can maybe do all those jobs listed, you should apply to jobs that you have the full potential. Submitting resumes in different departments in the same company and in positions you’re not highly qualified will not land you on the short list. Thus, make a resume that works for a specific position. If you really wish to apply for different positions, make sure it has a relative level. Do not apply for an entry-level position at the same time for a managerial position in the same company. In submitting resumes, always consider that what you are applying for is the best job for you. 

DON’T cheat on the job board software

Job board softwares like Supreme Hiring has a built-in applicant tracking system and CRM software. These features allow users to narrow their searches and help them get matched. Most job seekers today are attempting to cheat in the system. They try to make a fool out of the features of recruitment softwares like copy pasting job descriptions and  keywords just to be detected by the ATS. Supreme Hiring highly discourages these techniques. Yes, you may be discovered by the ATS but soon enough your application will land the human employer and after review, this will cause you a red flag. Repeating keywords in certain parts of your resume will not be appreciated by your recruiter. Instead of doing these called “hacks”. Contextualized the keywords and put them on content. Do not sacrifice the quality of your resume for higher discovery. There are many ways to land in the first page search. Always stick with your correct job description. Use keywords efficiently and show you are qualified enough. Do not put useless contents just to be discovered because at the end your resume will just be discarded if the human recruiter discovers this. 

DON’t overdo your resume

Resumes are your passport to get a job. As online job posting gets in trend, still many job seekers do not know how applicant tracking systems and CRM softwares process their resumes. From now on get rid of heavily designed resumes. In the present, less is more. Less fancy formatting, more probability of discovery. Avoid using tables, logos, boxes, headers, footers and other graphics. Instead you can use bold, underline, colos and bullets. These elements are clearly processed by every staffing software. By doing this, you will have a formal and proper resume conveying clear messages to your future employer. Remember, every employer and online job board processes thousand resumes in an hour.

Hence, too fancy or unreadable resumes will automatically be discarded. In building your resume, always make sure that all information is clear and concise yet specific and correct so that the ATS can easily read them. 


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