15 High Paying Jobs Working With Animals

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15 High Paying Jobs Working With Animals

Most people growing up have pets in their homes. Some have the typical ones like dogs and others have more appreciation with exotic animals like tarantulas and snakes. And kids are naturally interested in animals, some of us had once dreamed to be like Steve Irwin or wish that we had powers like Dr. Doolittle. As we grow up our love for animals never fades, some pursue careers out of being an animal lover, today we may have one friend that became a veterinarian, which means they get to know a lot of animals and enjoy their job at the same time.

We think that becoming a veterinarian is the only way to work with animals. Being a professional veterinarian is costly. But the good thing is that you do not need to be a veterinarian to enjoy working with animals. Some jobs will fulfill your commitment and love for animals at the same time will pay you very well.

These 8 high paying jobs that let you work with animals is the answer to your existential question of “finding a job that you love that pays well”

15 Awesome Jobs for Animal Lovers

Pet Groomer
$34,000 annually

Pet groomers or groomers earn quite a lot plus you get to groom the cutest pets. This job requires a high school diploma or equivalent. You will be in charge of grooming mostly cats and dogs, trimming furs, giving them baths, and even a spa day for them. You can study in grooming schools or just learn on the job and being experienced with taking care of animals will be a great advantage for you.

Veterinary Assistant

$36,690 annually

Another job that only requires a high school diploma or equivalent is being a veterinary assistant. Working closely with vets can be one step closer to the real thing. You will be in charge of the vet’s routine tasks, schedule, and appointments. Usually, veterinarians work in animal hospitals or they have clinics of their own.

$57,170 annually

This job does not require any formal education, but this demands commitment, patients, and love for animals. If you want to be the next Cesar Milan, then you must have the talent to train animals. Usually the most trainable are dogs, as they have been the most domesticated ones and as the cliche goes “man’s best friend”. You will also get to experience training rescue animals. For example, some marine rescue animal jobs need the help of a trainer to rehabilitate dolphins during their rehabilitation before releasing them to the wild again.

Animal Control
$53,190 annually

The educational requirement for this job varies as it depends on the location of the job. Working with animal control means that you will handle much more sensitive cases with animals. You will be responsible for investigating abuse against animals and checking on cases of animal abandonment.

$75,210 annually

Requiring a high school diploma or equivalent, this job also requires vast knowledge in animal breeds. As an animal breeder you should know the characteristics and genealogy of the animals you will be breeding.

Kennel Attendant
$34,780 annually

Animals kept in kennels such as rescue animals need proper attention and care as well. Being a kennel attendant requires a high school diploma or equivalent plus of course you love for animals. Feeding, bathing, and making sure their spaces are always clean are your main responsibilities.

Dog Walker
$17,000 annually

Probably the most common and easiest job working with animals is being a dog walker, having a dog of your own is an advantage. Dog walking requires patience and the right authority to walk 3 or more dogs at the same time. If owners do not have the time to walk their dog, then you can offer your dog walking service to them.

Pet Sitter
17, 000 annually

Being a pet sitter is somewhat the same as being a dog walker but requires extra attention. Pet sitting is like babysitting, usually, if the pet owners are away from home you can offer pet sitting services so they can make sure their furry pets are taken care of.

Pet Product (Sales Representative)
79,000 annually

You have heard of sales representatives making demos and introducing their products to supermarkets and other retail grocery stores, pet products are also in demand especially for pet owners and animal lovers alike. Being a pet product sales representative or a manufacturer’s representative is one top-paying job working with animals. Most pet products are toys, treats, crates, food, and more. Your direct customers are the owners and their lovely pets.

Marine Biologist
40,000 – 100,000 annually

Being a marine biologist may require higher education, but if you’re into discovering and protecting marine life, then you are in for a great work adventure. Marine biologists study various marine life, ranging from their behavior, habitat, or focusing on certain marine species. You can work in a private or in the educational sector as marine biologists are mostly hired to do marine life research.

Animal Nutritionist

Working with animals is fun, you get to do what you love and earn plenty. You can also make this a part-time gig and still maintain other jobs that also pay well. Try these high paying jobs working with animals and gain a new experience that you will surely love.

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