12 Awesome Jobs that you Didn’t Know Existed

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Do you enjoy the job you do every day? Hopefully, you do. On the other hand, many people actually do very interesting jobs. But as crazy as it sounds, these 12 Awesome Jobs that you Didn’t Know Existed, that also actually pay pretty well.

Ever wondered what crazy yet absolutely legit jobs are out there that you could try? Believe it or not, there’s a long list of awesome jobs you’ve never heard of. You might have come across some of it but didn’t believe them to be a job in the first place. But they actually are. Others are seen as odd careers, yet some even pay quite well as mentioned.

So, what are these? Without further ado, here is a list of 12 incredible jobs you never knew existed.

Coming up first, we have a mattress jumper.

What’s that first thing you do when you go into a hotel room? Chances are you jump up on the springy mattresses they have and bounce around or at least that’s what you did when you were a kid. Well, if your parents told you to cut that out as it’s not useful, they’d be wrong.

It turns out mattress jumping is now an odd career path many people have. That’s right. You can get paid by mattress factories for jumping on mattresses. Many handmade mattress factories actually have professional mattress jumpers that jump on beds all day long. The job sounds so fun that you’ll never sleep at work despite being on a mattress all day.

But why would you even need a professional mattress jumper? Well, it’s actually to compress the interior materials of a mattress. When mattresses are first made, they’re very solid and firm. So, to make the inner material suitable for people to lie down on, it would help if you jumped on them to compress them.

It’s so simple when you think about it, but it’s actually a pretty fun job and pays a good amount too. One San Francisco man named Ruben Reynoso is a professional mattress jumper, and he says he loves it. He jumps in around three mattresses per day. It takes a long time to compress all the inner materials.

Next up, we have a private jet interior designer.

We all know that the career of an interior designer exists for houses, but what about private jets? Of course, for the super-rich, it’s not enough to just buy a private jet. It also needs to be exactly to their specifications.

Well, that’s where people like John Pierre Alfano comes in. He’s the founder of Air Jet Designs, which is a private jet interior design company. They draw up the blueprints and layer the interior designs for many luxury jets. US President Trump famously has a golden toilet on his private jet, and many millionaires and billionaires love to customize the interior of their private jets to their specifications.

Now the fun thing about this is you actually get to spend a lot of time inside private jets. The interior designers will often go inside the private jets to work out all the designs and, not only that, they can have a very interesting clientele. Most of the time, they deal with people like a list of celebrities from Hollywood movies and also super-rich people like world leaders and Saudi billionaires. Not sure where you guys work but your clientele is likely not an oil Prince.

Next up is a pet masseuse.

You may think that being a masseuse isn’t exactly a fantastic job. Rubbing random stranger’s backs doesn’t sound too appealing to do all day. But what if you were doing that to different pets? Whether you love cats or dogs, then this job may be for you.

Just imagine spending the nine to five massaging a puppy. But why on earth would you need a pet masseuse? When it’s not for people like Paris Hilton who treat their pets like humans instead, it’s actually a form of pet therapy. Massages can actually improve an animal’s mental and physical health. For example, if you have a rescue pet who’s been through bad times, it might be good to get them a massage.

Many professionals and animal psychologists actually recommend this and if your furry friends had an injury like a muscle or bone injury, these massages can help to heal that.

Next up is a chocolate tester.

Did you know that chocolate is said to be America’s favorite food? Well, if you love chocolate, then this is just the job for you. That’s right. Testing out different kinds of new chocolate is actually a real full-time job, but don’t be fooled thinking anyone can just sit around eating chocolate all day.

This job requires no education, but you do have to be tested on various things. You need to have an above-average sense of smell and taste to give accurate results. Most people who do this job are women under the age of 35 as they’re said to have the best sense of smell. Now, we recommend dieting heavily if you have this job. Otherwise, you’re going to get pretty big quick, but what can be better than spending nine to five eating various delicious chocolates and saying how nice or not nice they are?

Next up is a professional TV watcher.

By this point, you’re probably saying now this really cannot be a job, but if you said that, you’d be wrong. This is perhaps one of those jobs that you didn’t know existed. That’s right. What you probably do after you get home from work is actually a career for some people.

If you know someone who watches TV all day and won’t get a job, it may be a good time to suggest this career to them. Now, this odd career sounds very easy as it is just watching TV, but it can actually be pretty difficult as you have to find very specific things. Certain TV companies would want you to find various funny clips from TV programs and news shows and then record them. You then need to send these to different TV companies who may use them in their shows on TV.

Watchers who work for the Jimmy Kimmel show gets between 500 and 600 dollars per week. So, if you watch a lot of TV anyway, maybe try to get into this job.

Next up is a waterslide tester.

What could be more fun for kids or adults than testing out water slides all day? Many people actually want to do this job because companies who provide these careers give them away as prizes.

One waterslide tester named Sebastian Smith has traveled to over 20 different splash world resorts. He goes to these resorts when he tests out all the water slides and has a ton of fun. This job is very unique, and it means you get to travel all around the world to all kinds of different water parks. You’re supposed to review and test out these water slides for how fun they are, how much excitement and adrenaline they create, and why resort owners should consider it.

It is also one of those jobs you didn’t know paid well. A professional waterslide tester can expect to earn anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 a year.

Coming up next is a panda nanny.

We all know that pandas are a very endangered species. They don’t make nearly as much as they need to, and they could be extinct within a matter of years. Well, this factor has led to a new yet odd career that is being a panda nanny.

Many animal research companies in China have people named panda nannies. These nannies are supposed to cheer pandas up and make them feel happy and relaxed at all times. They can play with the panda, have fun with them, and also make sure they eat their food. They’re also supposed to gradually introduce the pandas to their potential mates. This will hopefully get the pandas breeding, which reduces their chance of extinction.

The perks of these jobs are actually pretty great. You get free food, accommodation, and even a company car. Panda nannies can expect to earn anywhere between twenty to thirty thousand dollars per year.

Next up, we have a professional bridesmaid.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to star in a bad movie to do this job. If you’re getting married and you can’t find the right bridesmaid, then don’t worry. You can just hire one. Well, some people don’t trust their friends enough to be their bridesmaid, so that’s why they get an undercover bridesmaid. This is someone who acts like your friend, but really, they’re a stranger.

What their real job is to be your personal assistant on your wedding day. Jen Glantz, who is one of these professional bridesmaids, is a bride’s personal assistant and therapist. They help the bride check off all of their to do’s and make sure the wedding runs smoothly.

So, if you love weddings, then I highly recommend trying to get a job like this. If you do, then you can expect to make anywhere from five hundred to two thousand dollars per wedding. Do enough weddings in a year and you could make yourself a very rich bridesmaid.

Coming up next is that we have an ice cream tester.

That’s probably one of those ‘sweet’ jobs that you didn’t know existed. So, we’ve already covered pretty awesome chocolate testers, but what about when it gets to that summertime? You’ve probably wanted to shift coverage.

Well, here’s just the thing for you and that is being an ice cream tester. Now, these ice cream testers are not usually referred to as such. Instead, they’re called food scientists, but really, that’s just a fancy term. What they really do is eat a ton of ice cream.

Companies are making new ice cream flavors every single day around the world. People who have very good senses of smells and tastes will be able to put these to use and test out these ice creams.

Here’s the crazy part. You get to earn around $60,000 per year doing this. That’s right. It’s another one of those jobs you didn’t know paid well, and you can actually get rich just by eating ice cream. So, if you love ice cream and money, look for this job.

And finally, on the list of incredible jobs that you didn’t know existed, we have an aerial excavator.

So, we all know the job of an excavator is to dig holes they used in big construction projects. When drilling holes underground, they can excavate large areas of sand dirt or rocks, but a few years back, people were amazed when they saw an excavator climbing a tower.

This was a lever her excavator, which is known as one of the best brands in the business. Not much is known about the images they had, but they’re said to have been taken in India or Pakistan. It turns out these excavators are so powerful. They can actually climb up towers and excavate things up in the air. So, if you need anything high up being cleared, then get an aerial excavator. It’s also the perfect job if you are up for excavating and have no fear of heights.

That’s it for the list of incredible jobs you didn’t know existed. Now that you know what they are, which one of these would you like to try out someday?

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