12 Amazing Jobs That Save The Planet

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12 Amazing Jobs That Save The Planet

There are a lot of careers that are very fulfilling and can create a great impact on the world, however only a few are creating a real impact on our planet. Most careers serve the world population and there are also unique jobs that involve studying and taking care of our planet. Some of us dreamt of being in the field of science and technology, today the industries similar to science and technology are thriving.

As we enter the era of rapid innovation, biotechnology, environmental science, energy, and biology have grown rapidly and need people who are invested in these kinds of careers. Large companies like Microsoft are now investing in these kinds of fields and companies to help save our planet as a part of their corporate environmental responsibility.

If you are interested in pursuing the field of science and its other subfields, this is a great time for you. Careers in this field are much more fulfilling as you get to create a real impact and solution to save our planet.

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Amazing Jobs That Saves the Planet
The field of science and technology is very wide, hence you can choose a lot of careers that you
feel you would excel in, so here are the 12 amazing jobs that save the planet:


If you are into environmental science and you are quite curious about water, then being a hydrologist is the job for you. Hydrology is the study of how water moves. The movement and distribution of water across the earth’s crust as well as the water cycle. A hydrologist job is very important as most of the time work in communities that have no access to clean and potable water. They resolve problems with the water’s quality and its availability. To become a hydrologist, you must take up a course on Hydrology and Water Management.

2. Environmental Engineer

You may have heard this job title on the news or have read this somewhere, environmental engineers are quite common as they mainly work with the Department of Energy of the Public Health Sector. Environmental engineers help resolve the best recycling solutions, proper waste disposal especially in very populated areas, public health, and issues on water and air pollution. They work hand in hand together with the government to ensure the safety of public health and
that companies follow environmental protocols. Being an environmental engineer requires an Environmental Engineering degree.

3. Conservation Scientist & Forester

The most observable field of science is the nature around us. You might see conservation scientists and foresters frequently on National Geographic and Discovery Channel as they are the go-to people in science that deals with the conservation and quality of forest, national parks, rangelands, and all other natural resources that we have on our planet. One of the perks of this job is traveling across the globe and seeing the beauty of Mother Nature. You may take forestry, environmental science, or natural resources and ecosystem management degree to pursue a career as a conservation scientist and forester.

4. Biophysicist & Biochemist

Biophysicists and Biochemists deal with the science and the principles of a living thing’s physical and biological process. They study and observe how cells grow, discover how diseases can be hereditary, and more. Being in this field does not only save our planet but mainly us, the inhabitant, by discovering genetic anomalies and how diseases occupy our body they make way to discover the best cures. This career requires a degree in biochemistry and biophysics, you might want to check that syllabus now and see other related courses.

5. Regional & Urban Planners

The planet’s population is growing and it is the job of regional and urban planners to develop lands to create communities that can accommodate the growing population. They also review the plans created and submitted by developers and assess its feasibility. Regional and urban planners ensure that land developers are following the standard zoning, building codes, and most importantly environmental regulations. Get a degree in community planning and you can become one of the future regional and urban planners.

6. Agricultural; Food Scientist
When it comes to conducting research to improve agricultural resources we have to thank agricultural and forest scientists. They are responsible for formulating new food products, improving quantities, and the quality of crops like corn, rice, and also farm animals for consumption. Taking up a degree in food science will help you become an agricultural and food scientist. With this career, you will help the planet on food production and as well as develop food varieties that can feed a hungry nation.

7. Environmental Lawyer

Fighting for mother earth seems to be hard but if you want to pursue a career that really lets you fight for Mother Nature, then being an environmental lawyer is the job for you. Environmental Lawyers are experts when it comes to legislation on environmental issues, such as clean and water. Also, they are big advocates of clean energy sources. They advise clients to create projects that are safe for our environment or check on the climate change laws and keep companies from producing hazardous wastes. They are mother earth’s best friend and protectors.

8. Energy Auditor

Energy Auditors are a big help when it comes to preserving energy consumption. If you are into saving energy then this job fits you well. Energy Auditors inspect buildings and check on leaks and other electrical issues that might cause them to consume unnecessary energy or electricity. You can even have an energy auditor check your house if you feel that you are consuming way energy at home and help with using fewer resources.

9. Environment Protection Technician

This job entails protecting and monitoring the environment when it comes to the sources of pollution or contaminations. Being an environment protection technician will be responsible for investigating the sources of certain environmental pollutions causing harm to our nature. They are like Mother Nature’s police force as they also make sure that companies and residents alike follow the environmental rules and keep track of environmental violations.

10. Landscape Architect

You may have heard about landscape architects or you may have actually hired one for your home but did you know that they contribute to preserving the environment? Yes, you heard it right, more than the aesthetics of landscaping, being a landscape architect means you are also in charge of creating parks and converting outdoor areas into an environmentally safe space. Many companies are gearing towards having sustainable and environmentally friendly structures and they have the best landscape architects to help them with their structural design.

11. Wildlife Biologist
Wildlife biologists study the behavior of wild animals and their interaction in the wild. They ensure that our wildlife is well preserved and not disrupted as this can affect the whole ecosystem. This kind of job can be dangerous as it entails dealing with wild animals but this job helps the animals that are being abused by illegal poachers and the continuous deforestation of our planet.

12. Veterinarian

Vets are we call them, they are our allies when it comes to our sick pets and of course animals that need medical attention and monitoring. Hailed as the animal doctors, being a veterinarian is not just a job but vocation as taking up this job may require you to be on call for animal emergencies. Working to save the planet
Many of these careers or jobs pay well and aside from saving the planet you will be able to meet different kinds of people in this field of work. Some would require you to travel from one country to another which makes it more interesting. With these kinds of jobs, you will be able to earn more and you get to save mother earth.

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